Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Blame Game

A really brief follow-up on yesterday's entry A Rare Rose Among the Thorns, my entry concerning the blogosphere's coverage of the Mark Foley scandal.

Michelle Malkin continues to be an extremely rare voice of reason and logic and integrity among bloggers, television analysts and newspaper commentators pontificating about the events surrounding the Mark Foley revelations.

Elsewhere tortured, bizarre and partisan blame games dominate the discussion. Let's blame gays, let's blame Clinton, let's blame Monica Lewinsky, let's blame Dennis Hastert, let's blame all known Republicans, living and dead, let's blame Democrats, let's blame Catholic priests......

But, by far the most tortured, the most bizarre and the most strangely partisan blamester is a blogger named Pachacutec who has placed the blame for Mark Foley's stalking of young congressional pages squarely where it belongs, on Joe Lieberman.

I'm not kidding. Here's Pachacutec's blog, cross posted (where else??) on
The Huffington Post, Predator Scandal Is the Direct, Downstream Result of Liebermanism.

    "What happens when you leave the lights off and the place filthy dirty for years on end? Roaches! Brazen corruption festers. The scumbags on the right become increasingly shameless and bold, heedless of any consequences because they have people like Joe Lieberman to sabotage any efforts to hold them accountable within what used to be his party."

The ultimate irony is that over on Pachacutec's regular blogging spot, FireDogLake, a fellow poster, TRex, wrote an angry blog condemning all the people playing the "blame game."

    "So, what do you suppose is next? Rush Limbaugh will blame the ACLU? Ann Coulter will viciously attack the mothers of the pages for giving birth to them? ("Never before have I seen women enjoy their childrens' molestation so much!! They're just playing to the GRIEFARAZZI!!") Michelle MalKKKin will blame a couple of Arab guys found carrying cell phones in their pockets, Atlas Pam will blame "duh MOOSE-lums", and Joe Lieberman will blame Ned Lamont and his supporters. Oh, and John Mark Karr, in an attempt to avoid extradition back to Thailand will blame himself."

Great writing and a great comment TRex. Be sure to copy Pachacutec.




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