Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Rare Rose Among the Thorns

I've received several emails and instant messages wondering why there haven't been any recent blog entries. I appreciate the queries.

There are two reasons. First, in the highly charged political season of "he said, she said" I've felt there was little I could add to the current debates.

If you read a balanced representation of the left and right blogs I've often recommended, you get a good overview of the political events unfolding. Always recommended are The Vigil, Freedom Eden, The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos and Gay Patriot. There are two dozen more I could also easily recommend. Each of you will find your "perfect mix."

If you fail to read bloggers who are generally on the opposite side of your personal political perspective, you are robbing yourself of much needed viewpoints.

Second, I'm working on a much larger essay that is not related to current events. And I feel it is a much more important analysis. It will be titled Law and Order, Close to Home and I hope to have it finished soon. It covers news you absolutely will not read anywhere else. And yet is likely to affect your personal life more that any other event being smothered elsewhere in the blogosphere.

But I'm writing this very short essay today to commend one of my fellow bloggers. It is rare and always extremely pleasant to be surprised by an opinion you read here in the political blogosphere. Especially one expressed with passion and clarity.

Usually you can predict exactly what a political pundant will say and I personally spend countless hours and keystrokes condemning the hypocrisy that tends to overflow the political blogosphere.

A wonderful exception yesterday and today is
Michelle Malkin who has led the attack on Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) and on the Republican led Congress for both Foley's personal failures and the institutional failures of the Republican party.

Malkin has managed to say everything the glitterati over at Huffington are trying to say, but with eloquence and honesty and honor. And she has left her traditional right wing, name calling wingnut, moonbat bomb throwing hyperbole off the board. Instead she is telling it exactly like it is.

A "tip 'o the Wizard's pointy cap" to Michelle Malkin.



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Vigilante said...

I am gratified to learn that your recent absence from the Blogosphere has not been due to some medical disaster, perhaps as a consequence of finding yourself in the wrong poker game.