Friday, October 06, 2006

Thank You Anderson Cooper

Another very, very brief blog entry to do something I should have done several days ago.

I want to strongly urge everyone to watch
Anderson Cooper 360's continuing specials on AFRICA: The Killing Fields, The World's Shame tonight on CNN cable news network. And, if somehow you missed Anderson the last several nights I want you to view as many of the videos available on the CNN Website as possible.

This is cable news finest production in the entire history of the medium. I am a frequent and very vocal critic of the absolute waste of airtime, money, resources and talent of all three cable news networks: FOX, CNN and MSNBC. Real reporting about anything is virtually absent on all three networks. Until now.

Anderson Cooper's in depth analysis of Africa is even more impressive because he has done it during the American Election Season. While he does have nightly break-always for election news, this program clearly shows me that CNN and Cooper, alone among all U.S. television networks, actually have their priorities straight.

Be sure to also add
Anderson Cooper's blog to your favorites or bookmarks. And be sure to read his entries daily. And be certain to go back and read all his African entries.

    "Wherever you go in Sudan, especially as a journalist, you have to have the right paperwork and credentials. Even if you leave the capital, Khartoum, you have to have a stamped piece of paper that says you can carry out your work in whichever town you end up in."

    "We were aware of this, and aware the authorities would be looking for any excuse to make doing our work as difficult as possible."

    "Our interpreter warned us not to use the word "janjaweed" openly here because the locals don't like its negative connotations. "What does it mean?" I ask. "It means, 'Devil on a horse with a gun,'" explains Mohammed, our fixer."



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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this. I've been a Fox fan for years and I'm just broadening my horizons into CNN lately. I just discovered Anderson Cooper during the last Israeli and Hezbollah war. I was very impressed. Somehow I’ve missed the specials you’ve mentioned but I will check them out and be back to comment.