Monday, October 30, 2006

Representative Joe Barton and Republican Stupidity

"He's not going to be chairman after November 7, if there's a God."

That quote is from Don Imus and it's repeated, in one form or another, several times every day on Don Imus' extremely popular syndicated radio program that is simulcast on cable television news network, MSNBC. Imus is referring to Representative Joe Barton, Republican from Texas' 6th Congressional District and the very powerful Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Don's issue with Representative Barton is that he, as chairman, virtually stopped the popular, and very badly needed, Combating Autism Act of 2006, which had already passed the Senate unanimously.

The House bill was introduced by Representative Mary Bono, a fellow Republican from California. Bono's bill has 227 co-sponsors in the House (obviously enough to pass).

Imus is funny, lucid, logical, creative and engaging. Did I forget to mention he is biting, sarcastic, cruel and relentless? And he is the Republican's worst nightmare.

Why is he their worst nightmare? Because the Republicans are so damned stupid they don't realize the incredible damage Imus is doing in races all across the country. Imus is begging and pleading for a Democrat Party majority in the House, so Barton's power base can be deminished.

"He's not going to be chairman after November 7, if there's a God."

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And this YouTUBE Video is one of the most popular on the web:

Don Imus calls Barton a crook, a criminal, a bully and an idiot. And Imus is certainly right on the last count. Joe Barton is an idiot. How else can you explain Barton allowing this bullying to go on, unanswered.

And how can you possibly explain Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican Party allowing the carnage to continue. Is the entire Republican Party deaf?

You would think Mehlman would take Barton aside and say:

    "Joe, you're killing us. Did you realize that one out of every 166 children born today are affected by Autism. And Joe, each one of those Autisic children has two parents and four grandparents. And they all vote."

    "Joe, you know how tight this election is. We all know your seat is safe. But if your fight with Imus and the Autism community costs us enough votes, were gonna lose the house and you're gonna lose your chairmanship!"

    "How about it, Joe? Apologize to the Autism community and promise to get the bill bassed immediately, during the lame duck session of Congress. It's a Republican bill for goodness sake. Let's not hand this one to the Democrats on a silver platter."

You would think that imaginary conversation might happen. But obviously it's not.

Thanks to Joe Barton, the whole Republican Party certainly is suffering from Autism.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, let me mention this bill deserves to pass. And it needs to pass quickly and not be held hostage to Barton's bizarre political agenda.