Saturday, October 28, 2006

Situational Ethics

I am no fan of situational ethics. I believe that if something is wrong.... well, it's wrong.

Elections and political campaigns bring out the very worst in people. And situational ethics becomes the guiding force of the day. After all, the only important thing is to win! Right?


That's why, as a long time civil rights champion, I am appalled at the false OUTRAGE being artificially generate against the Republican National Committee's anti-Harold Ford, Jr. ad. Everyone from Jesse Jackson to Chris Matthews tells us that ad is RACIST!!

BULLSHIT! Watch for yourself.

Now I'm a big Harold Ford, Jr. supporter. I'm very hopeful he will win the campaign for Senator from Tennessee. He has the values, ideals, temperament, intelligence and willingness to compromise that makes a great Senator (and, perhaps, even a great President one day).

But when the LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT goes over the top and calls this ad RACIST just because a cute blond says to Harold Ford, Jr. "Call Me," the real outrage should be against liberals who would set the entire Civil Right's movement back fifty years just to gain political points.

First, let's face facts, Harold Ford, Jr. is a handsome man. Second, the cute blond is pursuing Ford and not vice versa. We don't have some stereotype of a black predator.

And let's face more facts: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and hundreds of black athletes, celebrities and businessmen have white wives or blond girlfriends. And, today, it is increasingly common for white men to date and marry black women. That is EXACTLY as it should be. Anyone can and should be able to date, or marry, anyone.

Television and movies now portray inter-racial relationships without even a nod or a wink. Earlier this week I praised Battlestar Galactica as a great drama. When the leading male character (who happens to be white) married a black women in the series, there wasn't even a note about it anywhere by anyone, liberals, conservatives, television critics or blogosphere fans.

Even here in the deepest South of Mississippi, inter-racial relationships are common.

But, hell, we need to make political points. Let's just set the entire racial equality program back fifty years. Let's make sure every prominent black leader, and every Democrat, and all the so-called Liberal pundants call this ad racist. Like, somehow, white a woman can't be attracted to a black man without offending her brothers, father, neighbors and minister.

What's even worse, is that when the situation is reversed (remember, situational ethics), our revered Liberal leaders simply change sides. Call Black Republican Michael Steele (another candidate I'd love to see win) a "slave" to the Republican party and there isn't a peep from the so-call Liberal establishment. Pelt Steele with Oreos and all is quiet on the liberal front. Call him an Uncle Tom and the left wing is silent as a mouse.

Or photoshop a picture of Joe Lieberman in blackface in The Huffington Post (as Jane Hamsher did) and all those pseudo liberals think it's just fine and dandy. There wasn't a single complaint from Jesse Jackson or Chris Matthews.

In fact Jesse Jackson actually said this type of "stuff" isn't important. At least it's not important when a Democrat is doing the attacking.

    "That's really low-level stuff. This campaign is really about the war. This is really about trade policy. This is really about health care. That's not this campaign. [Lamont] did not commission that. At this point in the election, you're going to have all kinds of distracting stuff."

If the Democrat National Committee had run a nearly IDENTICAL"call me" television spot against Michael Steele, the black and liberal leadership would be defending it saying there was noting racist about a blond being attracted to a good looking black man. They would "turn the argument around" and condemn conservatives for living in the past and actually harboring old racial prejudices from a time when inter-racial relationships weren't the norm they are today.

Situational ethics disgust me. And so do both political parties.





Vigilante said...

Clearly, I don't see enough TV. I didn't know (or I guess it is more accurate to say, "forgot") that this kind of crap is used to sell 'stuff' in our politics. It is full of negative innuendos. Disgusting. Corker is disgusting. People who vote for Corker must be disgusting.

That's what it convinces me of.

Anonymous said...

Vigilante has strong feelings, and that is good. I just don't personally see how one can find a single thing "disgusting" about the Harold Ford Jr. ad. Perhaps I am just too coarse to see what Vigilante sees. I have indeed seen disgusting things: Only last night I saw a Saturday Night Live bit, a cartoon lampooning the RNC and its ad campaigns, and I will say that there were some VERY disturbing caricatures of the RNC and its campaign practices. Even the audience groaned (mixed with hoots and laughter, of course). Odd that such stuff is not deemed disgusting, when it in fact is (and it is undeniable that SNL is a shill for the DNC). Odd, too, that what is NOT disgusting is labeled as such. It all smacks of the new puritanism I critique at my own blog.

Wizard, it is interesting how our blogs have paralled here, if only a bit. I brought up Mr. Steele in a very recent post, too: he's a winner the national media are ignoring. Of course, we all know why.

Anyhow, blessings to you all.


Vigilante said...

To all my Blogger, blogging friends, I apologize deeply for this SPAMMING message. Those who know me, know I wouldn't do this unless I was desperate.

Here is my new Blog. Please, please, please leave a comment!

I need help. I need an exit plan!

Vigilante said...

Like I said, B.G., not watching teevee has added great tranquility to my life.