Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blind Hatred

There is still very little doubt in my mind that Karl Rove will get the ax. The Democrats and the liberal establishment (which includes everyone from baby bloggers to major media to institutionalized opposition to Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau) have made it their number one priority. Let's face it, "turd blossom," as Garry Trudeau called Rove in this week's Doonebury strip, is on his way to becoming just another Texas cow patty.

George W. Bush has now had his "read my lips" moment when he promised to dismiss anyone in his administration who leaked the identity of the semi-covert CIA operative. The only question left is how and when Rove will depart. And the answer for that lies in the administration's threshold for pain.

The press portrays Rove as some sort of Machiavellian genius, whose political prowess has decimated the Democratic opposition. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. The best possible thing that could happen to the Dems would be for Rove to stay.

Under Rove's brilliant leadership, the President has managed to make 100 personal major media appearances (and waste his entire re-election bump) in order to skillfully move his approval rating on Social Security all the way down to a mere 25%. If Rove stays long enough, even Republicans might want Bush impeached.

No, the liberal opposition will get Rove's head on a stick, not because he is the thorn in the Democrat's side, but simply because they can. And they really want a win, any win.

Bush set Rove up, however unintentionally, and the Dems will knock him down.

Hence the quick talking points exit from Judge Stevens. There will be plenty of time to skewer Stevens later, but Rove is on the menu tonight and the liberals are in the kitchen heating up the grill.

As I watch all those guest politicians on MSNBC, CNN and Fox, read the morning newspaper, listen to National Public Radio, read the news magazines and check out the zillion columnists in
The Huffington Post (where does she find all these writers??) and other blogs, one thing has become obvious: There is nothing more important on the planet than getting rid of Karl Rove.

Certainly not the terrorist attacks in London, nor the terrorist attacks in Egypt, not the war in Iraq, not the continuing genocide in Darfur, not even Social Security. Nothing gets the press time, nothing gets the news coverage, nothing gets the comments from the supposed leadership in Washington, nothing gets more media attention than Garry Trudeau's "turd blossum."

Thank goodness we have our priorities straight.


John said...

Well, it's almost September and Rove hasn't got the ax yet. In fact, I'm hard pressed to even find any coverage of the issue anymore. Has your crystal ball got a bit cloudy?

Bob Keller said...

John, Once again you are correct. My crystal ball was indeed cloudy.

Curiously, it has been the advent of "Cindy Sheehan" who has done the most to save Rove. Our "one story only" obsessed news media has made the Sheehan/Bush story the focus this late summer. It's certainly taken the spotlight off of Rove.

Thanks for dropping by and for your correct observation.