Saturday, May 26, 2012

Political Parties are NOT Your Friends

The primary GOAL and perhaps the only goal of both the Republicans and the Democrats is to increase their power.  That means getting more members into positions of power and responsibility.  It might be by getting members elected to office or it might be by getting members appointed or even hired into key positions of power.  

The GOAL of parties IS NOT to improve your life, improve the economy, increase our security or help you out.  Those are occasionally means to an end! And the END GAME is to increase their power and control.
If the Republicans REALLY WANTED to accomplish any of their stated objectives they would stop their relentless pattern of obstructionism and seek common ground with the Democrats.  Likewise, if President Obama REALLY wanted to reach his goals he would cease his relentless campaigning and compromise with Republicans.

Why doesn't this happen? Because the GOAL is to get more members elected.  President Obama is considerably more interested in getting reelected than in helping Americans.  So he very falsely claims Republicans stand in the way of issue "A" or proposition "B" because he wants the issues to aid his reelection.

Occasionally politicians actually speak the truth.  Republican Senator Mitch McConnell made that mistake when he honestly said his main goal was to "defeat President Obama,"  His Number One Priority wasn't reviving the economy or putting people back to work, it was to defeat the President four years in the future!!

My advice to my fellow Liberals (and to Conservatives, too), is to relentlessly work to achieve your goals.  Look for pathways to success.  That will OFTEN lead you to support, work with and even elect a member of the opposite party.  More often it will lead you to look for solutions outside of government.

Think outside the box.  Be driven by your principles and not guided by the false promises of one candidate or another.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue: Gay Marriage Ban is “Bad for Business”

It seems to me that North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue is framing the Gay Marriage issue in terms that most Republicans and most conservatives will understand. Such a ban is "Bad for Business."  It will hurt North Carolina's image and hurt tourism.  It "hurts our brand."

As I noted in my previous blog entry, "Call Me Maybe," the public, especially the younger generation, is accepting of gays, lesbians and the alternative lifestyles involved. But our political elders still want to exploit the issue for political gain. In this case the foolish North Carolina Legislature is using an unnecessary Constitutional Amendment as a wedge issue. I;m hoing the voters in North Carolina are wise enough to reject this amendment. 

Please read the entire POLITICO Story here: N.C. Gov: Gay marriage ban ’hurts our brand’

As I pass out "Kudos" I would be remiss not to congratulate Vice President Joe Biden for being unusually candid and remarkably brave in facing the gay marriage issue head on.  It's a path both President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney are afraid to take.  Both are constantly waffling on the issues of gay rights.

If you read the POLITICO story above you'll note even Governor Perdue is waffling a bit.  I think she would find her approval rating would actually go up f she were clear on the issue.

Also read B. Daniel Blatt's excellent essay on the North Carolina Amendment from a GAY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN'S perspective: The conservative case against North Carolina’s Amendment One 

Monday, May 07, 2012

Call Me Maybe

National Public Radio's Morning Edition made an interesting observation this morning, an observation that I think is quite correct.  If you read (or listen to) the entire, rather lengthy, essay the bottom line is that most of the younger generation is really OK with the fact that Gay and Lesbian peers inhabit their world.  Far from fear and loathing, there is acceptance, humor and genuine affection.

While Ann Powers, the author of the essay Dudes Act Like A Lady: 'Call Me Maybe' Takes Over YouTube doesn't take the observation a step further, but I will.  The biggest obsticle standing in the way of acceptance of gay marriage or at least full recognized rights for gays, lesbians and transgender people is grandstanding politcians in search of polarizing issues and emotional votes.

I urge you to follow the link above and read the entire essay.  And for starters in your education into the younger generation, just watch the wonderful video below.  At over 50 million views, it's one of the most popular videos out there today.