Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Deaf, Blind and Dumb

Apparently you can’t even pay TV networks to cover genocide.

BeAWitness.org, the organization devoted to helping bring media attention to the genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan created a clever and very pointed television commercial about the lack of major network coverage of the crisis.

This hard hitting ad really hits NBC, ABC and the other networks where it hurts. It's a great commercial and you can see it at this link:

With a very tiny budget, Be A Witness could only afford a small buy in Washington, D.C. It was supposed to start this week.

But, what started as network neglect has now turned into network cowardice. In the last few days, all three Washington DC network television affiliates, NBC-4, CBS-9, and ABC-7, refused to air the ad.

Since the major networks have a full docket featuring stories like Natalee Holloway and the Runaway Bride, the Be A Witness ad attempts to do what the media won’t: shine a spotlight on media neglect of the Darfur genocide.

Here are a few frightening facts from the Be A Witness website.

ABC News broadcast just 18 minutes of Darfur coverage in its nightly newscasts in all of 2004.

NBC News featured 5 minutes.

CBS News totaled only 3 minutes.

Now they won’t even allow the Be A Witness folks to pay for 30 seconds to urge better coverage of the genocide.

Once again, here's the link where you can view the ad: http://www.beawitness.org/splash/

It is one tough ad. The networks have every reason to be ashamed.

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P.S. Would you like to send an email message directly to the television stations involved? Just follow this link and Be A Witness.org will make it easy: http://action.beawitness.org/action.jsp

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