Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where is Our Holy War?

This is a short essay, because I have only a question.... and I do not have a answer.

Here's the background. There is a news report in today's World Net Daily LINK: CLICK HERE that Muslim leaders have dispatched twelve terrorists to Denmark whose only task is to kill the twelve Danish cartoonists who drew the very controversial cartoons depicting Muhammad.

We all witnessed the massive demonstrations that paralyzed much of the Middle East and parts of Europe as Muslims protested the portrayal of Muhammad. Hundreds of thousands demonstrated and many died. Many leaders, most notably Osama bin Ladan, have declared a Holy War against the west and against Denmark in particular.

While most nations in Europe (and many newspapers) re-ran the cartoons in solidarity with the Danes, the U.S. has largely been silent. Either out of fear for their safety, or out of an effort to achieve political correctness, many universities have refused a traveling exhibit of the cartoons and a discussion of the issues involved.

Only a few U.S. newspapers have reprinted the cartoons. You can see all twelve cartoons here, courtesy of Michelle Malkin who has been a real leader in the Free Speech movement. LINK: CLICK HERE. On this same page you'll find links to Michelle's extensive coverage of this issue.

There is no doubt that true Muslims feel very strongly about this issue. To be certain most moderates stop well short of advocating murder of the cartoonists. But all feel very strongly about the portrayal of Muhammad. All images of Muhammad are forbidden by Mulim Holy Law as written in the Koran.

How will we feel if even on of the terrorists succeed and kill just one cartoonist? What will we say?

"He knew the risk."

He invited trouble."

"He deserved to die."

"He shouldn't have rocked the boat."

"He should have been sensitive to the Muslim religion."

Or will we feel this issue is much bigger? Will we feel that such an attack on our civilization DEMANDS justice?

Is this even important? What's one cartoonist, more or less? Where do we draw our line in the sand?

When do we say "This is our Holy War?"

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