Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Happens in Cyberspace.........

Hell, I don't know where to draw the line.......

But I do know that if I mention Tamara Hoover (1st reference to Tamara) a number of times in this blog I'll quickly gain the largest readership the journal has had in it's 10 year history. In fact, if I mention Tamara Hoover (2nd reference) a large number of times I should be able to climb to the very PEAK of the list of blogs.

And if I strategically say that I have the nude (1st reference to nude) pictures of Tamara Hoover (3rd reference) or even if I have links to the nude (2nd reference) pictures of Tamara Hoover (4th reference), I should shoot to the top of most visited site in the blogosphere.

I think it's possible to even increase my rankings by making sure I use all the possible variations of Tamara Hoover's (5th reference) name in conjunction with nude (3rd reference). Now I can't lose my credibility with my loyal readers, so here is a link to the one known remaining photo of the naked (4th reference) Tammy Hoover (6th reference).

Now, it's important I get all the mileage I can out of this link. So you need to
CLICK HERE to see Tamara Hoover, (7th reference) naked (5th reference) from the waist up, covering her breast (adding to the naked appeal of the link, so I'll call this my 6th reference to nudity) This photo was in The Austin American Statesman, so you know that Tamara Hoover's (8th reference) photo is pretty tame.

Now if I question whether this nude (7th reference) photo of Tamara Hoover (9th reference) is pornography or art, it should even get this blog more hits.

In case you were somehow unaware, Tamara Hoover (10th reference) is the number one search term on Here's the story right from the Austin American Statesman LINK: CLICK HERE

An Austin High School art teacher who posed partially nude in photographs posted on the Web could soon be out of a job after the school board voted Monday to begin termination proceedings.

The teacher, Tamara Hoover, 29, has been on paid administrative leave since May 19 because "inappropriate material" was posted on a Web site, according to the district. A student notified school officials about the site's content, namely several portraits that show Hoover
nude from the waist up.

Austin High School art teacher Tamara Hoover says the photos of her posted online are 'artistic photography,' not pornography. This photo was among those on a Flickr Web site, a site some students looked at during class last month.

The district's attorney, Mel Waxler, said he could not comment, citing
personnel and legal concerns.

Hoover defended her actions in a blog by saying that the pictures are
not pornography but "artistic photography" and that she neither knew nor had any control over which photographs were posted by the photographer.

The school district's policies regarding employee behavior include a
moral turpitude clause that prohibits "base, vile, or depraved acts that are intended to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the actor."

I get my 11th and 12th references to Tamara Hoover (13th reference) for the above quoted article. And I get two more nude references, too, bringing my new total up to (10 references)!!

Of course this isn't what I really wanted to address in today's essay. I really wanted to discuss the different way's conservative and liberal blogs interpret the war in Iraq and, especially their reaction to the recent torture, mutation and murder of the two American soldiers at the hands of al Qaeda.

In a nutshell, conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin LINK: CLICK HERE have written extensively about the tragic deaths of Privates First Class Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker. We know about them, their families and their lives. And conservatives roundly condemn their horrific deaths.

Conversely, liberal blogs like The Huffington Post LINK: CLICK HERE are virtually silent on the subject. Over the last few days Huffington has had multiple blogs about prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay.

I could only find one that even mentioned the murder and torture of Privates First Class Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker and the point of that article by Norman Soloman LINK: CLICK HERE was to condemn the press for its failing to use the same graphic language when writing about the "cruelties inflicted by the U.S. military."

Of course bloggers are free to chose the subjects they address. But, in choosing our subjects, we do reveal our priorities. So, in order to gain readership and fame, I have chosen to address the nudity (12 reference) of Tamara Hoover (14th reference).

Now, in reality I don't have a lot to actually say about poor Tamara (15th reference) beyond the tragic double standards in our society. Tamara Hoover (16th reference) will likely lose her job as a highly honored art teacher in a public high school for some very tame, classy art house style photos.

Paris Hilton has sex on videotape that is all over the Internet and she is rewarded with television series, movie deals and a record contract.

Clearly I don't know where to draw the line. What is acceptable on the Internet and what is not. But I do know how to mention Tamara Hoover (17th reference).

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