Friday, July 13, 2007

A Tip of the Wizard's Pointy Cap to Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo, the Republican Candidate for President did the right thing. He did the obvious thing. But, curiously enough, he was the lone Republican to have the intelligence, the honor and moral courage to appear before the NAACP National Convention in Detroit yesterday.

Tom Tancredo stood alone surrounded by nine (9) empty podiums. That image says more about the moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party than any issue or policy or statement the party or candidates might make.

Nine people who claim to want to be President of the United States, arguably the world's greatest democracy couldn't muster the decency to face the flagship organization of a group of citizens that represents almost one fifth of the voting electorate.

Scheduling conflicts was the reason most cited. Lack of courage and moral conflicts were the real reasons.

Of course the eight leading Democrat candidates all showed up and they all wowed the crowd with their charisma, targeted speeches and their genuine concern for the issues facing black America.

Tom Tancredo also got the lavish praise he so rightly deserved. Not because he walks lock step on the issues, but because he cared enough to come to the convention and share his vision and his causes with the politically active and concerned citizens in attendance.

Will blacks give the Democrat nominee for President 91% of their votes? Probably. Would an appearance by Fred Thompson or Rudolph Guilani or Mitt Romney have changed that outcome? Perhaps not. We will, sadly, never know.

But their callous absence assures the vast majority of blacks will give their candidacy little or no serious consideration. And that's because these guys are just not serious candidates.

Tom Tancredo is the real hero in this year's Republican Party.





Vigilante said...

I agree with you, Wizard, that Tom Tancredo is an authentic conservative. He and that guy from Texas Ron Paul are Barry Goldwater types, sort of. They think for themselves. But my only question is, what do you mean by the 'REPUBLICAN PARTY PARTY'?

Bob Keller said...

Sorry.... no hidden message here. That was stricty a typographical error.

By the way, I'm no real fan of Tancredo. He is clearly on the wrong side of the immigration debate.

But he did have the courage o to show up and explane his positions to the NAACP.