Saturday, January 26, 2008

And for President, the Wizard Endorses.....

Another primary.... another chance for the Wizard to weigh in.

After Iowa I opined that I was surprised and impressed with Mike Huckabee. Kind, affable, quick witted and self effacing, Huckabee was a wonderful surprise. Not someone I would support for President, but someone I could both like and respect.

And after New Hampshire I expressed my very favorable impressions of both winners, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. I went so far as to say it was a great day for America with the two most qualified candidates leading the race.

After Michigan I wrote extensively about Mitt Romney and my comments were not very favorable toward either Romney and the state of Michigan. Romney the chamellion lizard has certainly fallen further in my view since then.

To be fair I've favored both Clinton and McCain for a long time, but held off endorsing either. But I did think they were the best and brightest of their respective parties.

No more.

JohnMcCain.comI am ready to do something I had not intended to do. I am formally endorsing John McCain for the Republican nomination for President.

And I'm formally endorsing Barack Obama for the Democrat nomination for President!

Hillary lost my support on her own. Her performance in the last Democrat debate was unpleasant to say the least. She simply didn't display the temperment, the candor, the leadership or the honesty I'd like to see in a President. And Barack Obama did!!

Barack Obama LogoAnd as Hillary became more panicked about her sliding popularity, husband Bill became obnoxious and overbearing. When Barack Obama wondered aloud which Clinton was actually running for Presidnet, he echoed my feelings. And, I must admit, I found myself wondering who would actually be the President, Hillary or Bill.

A co-Presidency will not work.

And Bill's comments today comparing Barack Obama to Jessie Jackson and further injecting race into the election in the worst possible way is underhanded and inexcusable. Former President Clinton has done a great deal to tarnish his own personal legacy in South Carolina this week.

Plus, lets all be honest. Barack Obama is more genuine, more honest and more of a leader. And he is more likable. And it is unwise to underestimate the likability factor.

So, I respectfully change my view. The Democrats need fresh leadership. The Democrats deserve Barack Obama.

And America will be best served by a McCain versus Obama election this fall.

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Vigilante said...

Good points made above, Wizard. Especially as it pertains to a co-presidency. Such has not worked out during the last 8 years, huh?