Friday, June 26, 2009

Take a Deep Cleansing Breath

There are several things that we really ought to be discussing. And if you've been following me on Twitter we may have already discussed some of them. One thing about the 140 character limit, discussions are short and sweet. But some things need more than 140 characters.

We really ought to be discussing
the disastrous economic outlook. Thing are not getting better. In fact they are getting much, much worse. The Economic Stimulus Package is not working... at all. Of course we should not be surprised. The Pelosi package was absolutely the single worst piece of legislation ever passed by Congress up to that time. Of course no Congress Person ever read it, so what should we have expected.

How bad is the economy? Just look at what Warren Buffet had to say this week:

The world's second richest man, veteran investor Warren Buffet, has given a blunt assessment of the state of the United States economy - it's still in a shambles.

In an interview with US business television channel CNBC, Buffet said that he doubts whether the economy has made much progress since May, when he declared the economy was at war.

"I get figures on 70-odd businesses, a lot of them daily," Buffet said. "Everything that I see about the economy is that we've had no bounce."

We really ought to discuss the economy, but it is just too damn depressing.

We ought to be discussing The Waxman-Markey Energy Bill or Cap and Trade and Pork as it should be called. Up until today students of modern government had believed it was impossible to pass a worse piece of legislation than the Pelosi Stimulus Bill. It appears they were wrong. Once again the House, under Pelosi's non-existent leadership has passed a disastrous bill without reading it. That's right folks, not one single Member of Congress read this bill before passing it.

I want a job where I can simply not do the work! And when things go bad, I can avoid all blame. But I digress.

We really ought to be discussing the recent Supreme Court Rulings, all of which were excellent. Most important was the landmark ruling that guaranteed a defendant could face and cross-examine his accusers in court, even if that accuser was a laboratory technician or forensic scientist. Please take a few minutes and listen to
this excellent report by National Public Radio and then we'll discuss this further. Maybe.

I can hardly wait to Sonia Sotomayor to join the High Court. She will be an excellent addition.

We ought to be discussing the death of local radio. Fortunately, Jerry Del Colliano has done this for us. Please read his rather frightening and eye popping analysis. And do join us on Twitter to discuss this further.

There are so many things we need to be discussing. But.... let's just take a deep breath, cool down and fight off this summer heat wave and listen to some excellent music by the wonderful Regina Spektor.


Unknown said...

"Hurry up pass this stimulus to save jobs, don't read it!"
16,000 jobs lost a day since that passed and we keep hearing "Yeah, well, it would be Soooo much worse if it hadn't passed. We saved or created X number of jobs"
"Really, wow cool lets see who has those jobs?"
"Um... well... thats just a statistical number... we cant really justify or prove"

**just breathe, before they cap and tax the air**

Vigilante said...

One thing about the 140 character limit, discussions are short and sweet. But some things need more than 140 characters.

In all due respect, Wizard, I don't think anyone can communicate anything meaningfully in 140 characters or less. Unless, of course, one is a TWIT speaking to other twits. You must find Twitter useful as a commercial device linking to WizardRadio. So, I would never consider you a twit, Wizard.

Vigilante said...

The above transmission required 424 characters, FYI.

Bob Keller said...

It is always good to hear from you, Vigilante! (52 characters)

Bob Keller said...

The Stimulus Package is one of the very worst pieces of legislation in the history of our nation. A few liberals are saying this, but they all should and must. We have got to get past being blinded by party labels and cults of personalities.

I like President Obama. I think he is bright, personable and has superb interpersonal skills. And I've endorsed over and often his approach to foreign affairs and critical issues in our relationships with the Muslim world.

But, in the area of economics, he is a disaster. Virtually every move has been a misstep and every decision wrong. As a result we are rushing headlong into a major depression and and economic disaster from which our country may well never recover.

Republicans and Democrats and our two party system bear much of the blame. Blind loyalty and, even worse, blind opposition are preventing us from making the decisions needed to turn around the economy and save the country.

Unknown said...

Not sure how "blind opposition" are preventing anything Wizard. Democrats have the votes to do whatever they want. Opposition can only state its case and watch the votes go the other way.

It is about partisan politics and spin the blame.

Chris said...

Why does opposition have to be blind? Because it does not view the subject the same as you? I find President Obama shallow, tedious, and arrogant. I have a supervisor who acts like this, and I can't stand him. How is my take on Mr. Obama blind? I can see his actions, I can intuit his thinking based on those actions, and I can see the results of said actions.

I see quite well. I believe that you could too, Wizard, if you gave yourself a chance. You already see more than most who supported Obama.

My loyalty is also not blind. I am loyal to principles, and that loyalty is extended to those who profess those principles that I deem to be most important, and who then act accordingly.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And now it looks like Obama is going to break his word and propose to tax health benefits. I'm telling you, if that particular one goes through, the Dems could be in some serious trouble next year.

shoo said...

Why would we want to talk about all that stuff? Didn't you hear: Michael Jackson died! We've got leading stories for a month now!