Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don Imus Triumphant Return to Morning Television

OK, OK, I know Imus was actually on the RFD cable television channel for at least a year. And I'm certain he found an audience there, but their reach was limited and it was simply the wrong forum for the metropolitan and edgy Imus. But put him back where he belongs on a major news/business network and Imus immediately staged a major comeback.

Now simulcasting his WABC (770 AM, New York) radio show on the FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL, Imus catapulted FOX to it's first ever rating victory over rival CNBC in Imus first week on FOX. Trust me, this is only the beginning.

The reason is simple. Imus is easily the very best interviewer on all of radio or television. His show is instant must see-TV. In his 15 to 20 minute segments with each guest, Imus really cuts to the core of each issue and each individual. And he does it without interrupting or badgering the guest. He asks sharp and often unexpected questions and then he actually listens to the answer. He NEVER tries to ambush or set up a guest. His interviews are the real deal.

Imus is so powerful, he has actually improved the FOX BUSINESS NEWS ratings for the entire morning, long after he leaves the air, viewers remained on FOX. You can't ask for better results.

But the real winners are we viewers who have recently had to put up with completely bogus partisans like Hannity or Olbermann or strident egotists like O'Reilly or the unbelievably obnoxious Dylan Ratigan, who may actually be the nastiest person on all of television. Keep in mind that Ratigan is usually right, he is still an unbelievable jerk. The only thing you will ever learn from a Ratigan interview is what Ratigan thinks.

Kudos to FOX BUSINESS NEWS on the brilliant move.


Kentucky Rain said...

I like Imus for the reasons you mentioned Wizard. I am glad you posted this. I didn't know he was back on network TV. Now I just have to hold my nose as I tune it to Fox.

Bob Keller said...

Mike, I don't think you'll have much problem since it's the BUSINESS CHANNEL rather than the news channel.

Oso said...

I'd heard that name Dylan Ratigan before but didn't know who he was.There was some cartoon character in a Disney movie I'd taken my kids too years ago named Ratigan. Apparently this is a different fellow.I Viewed some of his stuff and liked him! I hope this doesn't mean I'm banned from your site.

Vigilante said...

Hey, Wizard. I just wanted some street cred from you for posting a clip of Fox News & Don Imus! (Not pimping-just didn't want you to miss it!) Thanks for visiting my home pages recently and leaving your mark!