Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Every Liberal SHOULD Oppose The Health Care Restructuring Bill

It is simply stunning to me that a single Democrat would vote for the convoluted, wasteful, bloated, complex and pork laden Health Care Restructuring Bill that is now in the early stages of reconciliation.

It is stunning to me that a President as bright and seemingly idealistic as President Obama would ever consider signing it.

This bill is a hopeless mess of bureaucracy that institutionalizes into law Sarah Palin's notorious death panels, fails to live up to President Obama's promise of being able to keep your current insurance, raises taxes through the roof and insures drastically higher insurance costs.

Worst, it will destroy the one part of Medicare that works so exceedingly well, the Advantage Program, that is a lifeline to many senior citizens.

It is literally a damned mess.

If we, as liberals, have any principles left, we cannot endorse a program that pays off the drug companies, actually prohibits or completely eliminates competition, rewards the insurance companies, taxes current health care programs, hides new taxes under every rock (most of which will hit low wage earners hardest), and fails to cover many Americans.

What the hell are the Democrats in Washington drinking. Virtually every American KNOWS this bill is a disaster that will completely destroy our current health care system, hurt the economy, hurt Medicare, raise prices, and ultimately ration health care. How is it that there are almost no Democrats in Washington that are as aware of the facts as the voters?

I am reminded of all this as I watch
Senator Ben Nelson fight for his political life. Things are so bad in Nebraska that Nelson is going to be forced to air a political ad during the Nebraska-Arizona Holiday Bowl Game and, literally, beg his constituents for forgiveness.

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you Senator, but it ain't gonna work. When you sell out your principles for this load of crap, you will be punished by the voters who used to look up to you and used to respect you.

Nelson is just the first. You cannot vote for a bill so horrifically bad that every voter on earth knows is a failure and not pay the ultimate price.


Chris said...

Rope. Tree. Politician. Some assembly required.

Seriously, the destruction of the private insurance industry must be a goal of this bloated piece of shit, because this many people cannot be this stupid. More government control, more people dependent on said control, more Democratic sycophant voters. It's simple enough, though disgustingly cynical and underhanded.

Bob Keller said...

Chris, I always want to believe the best, even about politicians, but, in this case, I'm sure you are correct:

"this many people cannot be this stupid."

Kentucky Rain said...

LOL! That is what we say about the millions of people who support Glen Beck and Sarah Palin. I am continually amazed at the members of the Right who whine about the health care bill while still pushing the privatization of Social Security. It is true the bill is not what I want. I want Single Payer, just like a lot of Americans, but our Congress has neither the numbers nor the balls to pursue it. Bottom line: Half a loaf is better than no loaf....

Kentucky Rain said...
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Kentucky Rain said...

P.S. Every time you change the name of your blog I have to correct my blogroll. Will you please settle on a name:-) :-)

Bob Keller said...

Sorry Mike.... I will maintain The Metaverse

Unknown said...

For the sake of the USA, I pray Mad Mike is wrong again.

MM's bottom line needs to be amended "Half a loaf pinched"... Thats the context of this bill.

Vigilante said...

Wizard, Mike is a nice guy, but he doesn't like change. Shakes him up. But I do. I welcome it. The kind of change I especially welcome is stronger, better government. Because Government is Good. (That last was for Chris!)

Vigilante said...

Oh, and Happy New Year, Wiz! I look forward to sharing the Internet with you for another year!

Chris said...

If government is so good in this instance, then why was this bill conceived behind closed doors, without input from the minority party, in great haste, at prohibitive length and breadth, and was only passed by outright bribery from the public till? Is that how the founders intended it to work?