Saturday, March 20, 2010

Democrat's Super Bowl Sunday

Like most Americans, I'm glued to the television and the Internet this weekend watching the Super Bowl of Politics, Congresses wrestling with Obama's Health Care Restructuring Bill. But I'm in the very strange position of rooting from the wrong teams and for the wrong reasons for most of the game.

Here's the key factor: the Health Care Restructuring Bill MUST FAIL. This is the most disastrous bill in the history of our nation, It is a bill so bad it will literally bring our country to it's knees with an unbearable burden of new, unfair and regressive taxes, drastically reduced health care and a bureaucratic morass that we will likely never untangle. It is simply impossible to
predict just how very bad this bill will become.

So this morning I'm sitting on the wrong side of the field, rooting for my normal adversaries, Representative Bart Stupak and the other pro-life Democrats, to create
a division among Democrats that will deny them the votes needed to pass the bill.

Normally I'm a strong pro-choice advocate. But today I need the Stupak group to somehow save the entire nation from the Health Care Destruction bill.

It does continue to appear that Nancy Pelosi will get the votes she needs to pass the bill. All I can hope for is a "Hail Mary Pass" into the end zone in the final minutes to save the hone team from defeat.

"Go, Bart, Go!"


Unknown said...

Stupack was a liar. Never trust a Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Wizard, the bill passed. I tend to lean Democratic and although I find the idea of health care for all appealing, realism demands that we ask how this will be paid for and what exactly it involves.

Would it be too much to ask if you wrote up a short analysis of the bill, its individual components and the problems with each? I've read so much analysis from both sides, but usually they're long on rhetoric and short on actual content.

Bob Keller said...

sterling_95 Thanks for stopping by.

I really feel we all need to dial it back down a notch. There is too much ill will. The bill DID pass and it is time to get on with the process of making it work with the minimum impact to our economy. The Republican demands of "Repeal" will come to nothing.

Here is all the articles I've written about the current Health Care Resturcturing in one place: Health Care Restructuring

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Wizard. I actually read your blog regularly. I've found that reading opinions that only reflect one's own doesn't help expand the mind or ask hard questions, and I've admired you for willing to do both. I have read a lot of debates on the bill, but it's still difficult to find out what actually passed and the implications of it. I'll try to cross reference your articles with the health care bill summaries that I have been able to find so far.

cosmiccowboy said...

Its sickning watch congress patting themselves on the back over passing this terrible bill.

Its like someone making 20 grand a year buying a BMW then realizing a month later he cant pay for the friggin thing.

The fecal matter is going to hit the fan when this bill comes due.

Kentucky Rain said...

Great bill! Great president! Great speaker of the house.

Tea-Baggers and reps: Run on repealing it! LOL! Oh yea! That's sure to work. Please do!

Lee..You really need to learn to use spell check buddy...

Bob Keller said...

I've been short of time and haven't been able to get the next blog entry up...... yet.

But I think our goal and objectives now should be on making the bill work and finding a way to pay for it without the complete destruction of the economy.

If I have a problem this afternoon it is with the sensationalism and hyperbole being used by the rather lame Left and Democrats, claiming that they are being targeted by hate and potential crimes.

This after a non-stop assualt on Sarah Palin for the last 18 months.

When you work overtime, and in a duplicitious and dishonest way, to defy the will of the American People, they are likely to be upset with you.

Bob Keller said...

By the way, after re-reading my original blog post I MUST add I have great respect for Representative Stupak. While I disagree with him on abortion and abortion funding, I respect that he genuinely did what he thinks is right. I will never condemn a man for following his moral compass.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

In the end, Stupak didn't allow a single issue to rule over him. I'm glad the bill passed and the Senate just passed it also with a couple changes that should go through the House easily.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

In the end, Stupak didn't allow a single issue to rule over him. I'm glad the bill passed and the Senate just passed it also with a couple changes that should go through the House easily.

Unknown said...

I can predict how it is going to work. Come June, all insurance costs will rise, to cover the new mandates and entitlement. This will spark "outrage" among the liberals and MSM.
Which will turn into an outcry for single payer.

When the Republicans take back control the bill will be gutted and neutered.

Unknown said...

Madmike, must you always be inflammatory?

Rustyridesagain said...

Lee,you must understand Mad Mikes anger...he's an Obama jock sniffer and anything short of Barry pimping out Michelle or molesting the little ones, what ever he does is just peachy keen.

Poor Mikey attempts to live in an echo chamber.

Unknown said...

How to pay indeed!