Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cost of Livin'

The battling political armies in Washington D.C.seem to have no idea what is really going on all across America. To the Republicans and Democrats it's just who gets the political advantage..... who scores the most points with voters..... who can garner the higher poll numbers.

Washington is fiddling while America burns.

Ronnie Dunn's powerful new song, "Cost of Livin'" strikes a chord with many Americans.

Here's an interesting anecdote sent to me by "Evan" in response to a Tweet I'd written:

"I heard an interesting interview with Ronnie Dunn about that song."

"When Dunn bought that song in 2008, he really liked it and wanted to put it on his record, but the producers told him that by the time they could get it recorded and released, the recession would be over and the song wouldn't have much meaning."

"Here it is 2011 and it's as relevant as ever."

"The only difference... When the song was originally written, the line was "two dollars and change at the pump . . ."

"And he has also recorded a "four dollars and change at the pump . . ." version that he hopes won't be released."

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