Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mitt Romney Can't Win

TODAY'S ASSOCIATED PRESS STORY BY THOMAS BEAUMONT:  Intensity question for Romney stirs doubt for fall 

MY BLOG ENTRY OF NOVEMBER 18, 2011: Why Mitt Can't Win

I'm not sure what the Republicans can do at this point.  For reasons that will forever be a mystery, genuinely viable, electable Republicans never entered the primaries this year, leaving the field to Romney and the seven dwarfs.  Newt Gingrich? Herman Cain?  Michele Bachmann?  You'd think somebody would have looked at this field and the weakened Barack Obama and literally JUMPED into the race.  Alas, no.

I like the current front runner, former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania as a person, though I disagree with many of his positions.  I think he is a genuinely good man and it might actually be nice to have a good man as President.  But his far right wing social conservative positions make him unelectable.

So we're left with the consoling fact: President Obama's on-the-job training has been painful, but he is getting the hang of this President thing.  


Unknown said...

I like the sarcasm in your "Consoling Fact" at the end.

Chris said...

I'd like to see the assumption that a social conservative is unelectable taken for a drive and shot, if possible.

This has been the conventional wisdom for so long it's become a shibboleth, at least in my opinion.

The only way to find out is to run one in the general election.

shoo said...

I like Rick Santorum too, but he would suffer the same non-stop slurs and attacks that Sarah Palin did and make him unelectable as President. I'd love to have his voice back in the Senate.

As for Mitt, I disagree and think he can win. If the election were held today, he would probably lose, but November is a long ways away, near an eternity in politics, and the independents who are going to decide this election aren't even paying attention to the Republican primaries right now.