Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NOT Breaking News: Mitt Romney Can't Win

Barack Obama is, in many ways, the worst President in the last 100 years.  Yet this ego-driven, rather incompetent progressive may well win a 40+ state landslide victory this November.  Thank you Mitt Romney!

I just want to repeat what I've been saying in this blog again and again for the last year.  Mitt Romney cannot possibly win! His flaws are so fatal he will simply self destruct over and often throughout this election cycle.

Yesterday's "hidden tape" released by Mother Jones is simply the latest self destructive explosion, not the last.  But it is the worst so far from a candidate who has proven he can "out Kerry" John Kerry. Wind surfing anyone?

Now Romney will not succeed in "out McGoverning" McGovern.  He can't lose all 50 states. Well, I don't think he can.  But it's early yet, I don't want to underestimate the man.

After the last two weeks Romney is so toxic I believe Republicans will lose the House and most assuredly fail to regain the Senate.

After the election the media will finally turn on Obama.  And the Republicans will most assuredly regain both houses of Congress in 2014.


shoo said...

Romney's 47% comment is devastating to him, and will probably cost him the election in much the same way that Obama's "bitter clingers" comments destroyed Obama's chances at election.

Incidentally, CNBC just released a poll showing 75% of Americans agree with Romney's statements.

Unknown said...

In talking with my liberal friends they are celebrating his defeat! Talking to my conservative friends they are saying this is what Mitt needs to be running on.

Lets see some un-weighted polling results. I predict a bounce.

Bob Keller said...

Shoo and Lee - I hope you are both right because I believe four more years of Obama, unrestricted by the needs of campaigning, would be a disaster.

Chris said...

The only poll that matters is on November 6. The rest is a waste of time.

I'm pretty sure about 90-95% of the electorate has made up their mind and and are just waiting for the polling place to open.

BTW, since a gaffe is inadvertently telling the truth, how is Romney wrong? Is the number wrong? Will people who depend on government handouts vote for him?