Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Did Obama Lie? Why Did Others Lie?

Slowly buy surely the actual facts in the Islamic radical assault on our Consulate in Benghazi, Libya are coming to light. 

We now know that Ambassador Stevens asked for increased security many times before the attack.  We know the State Department turned him down in a dismissive and arrogant manner.  It appears no one at the State Department will pay the price for this gross error in judgment.

We now know that drones overhead witnessed the attack and that officials in the CIA, the State Department and even President Obama himself knew this was a terrorist attack.

We now know that there was no protest of demonstration preceding or during the assault on the Consulate.

And today we know that President Obama was fully aware that the radical group Ansar al-Sharia had asserted responsibility for the attacks.  The White House had emails from this al Qaeda allied group within two hours of the attack.

What we will never know is why President Obama lied continuously and consistently for two solid weeks about the attack.  We will never know why he forced Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary to lie, when Carney knew the truth.

We will never know why the President ordered Susan Rice, the United Nations Secretary to outright lie on four Sunday Morning News Interviews, destroying her credibility forever.

We will never know why in the world Vice President Biden told such an involved fictional account of the information known to the administration, even recounting totally false dates, during the Vice Presidential Debate.  Biden knew from day one.  Why did he destroy any chance he might have had of becoming President? 

Certainly the administration will never explain these lies and the bizarre and unnecessary cover-up of the facts.  It's a mini-Watergate with no logical explanation. 

We can only guess that the President was trying to place the blame elsewhere, on an obscure video maker, to avoid any direct blame that would harm his re-election chances.  It just all seems so odd.

If President Obama wins re-election the Main Stream Media will then investigate and ask these same questions.  If he loses it will fall upon a disgruntled staffer to reveal the truth.  But either way, Mr. PResident, the truth will come out.

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Chris said...

There's nothing odd about it at all. The only signature accomplishment of Obama's foreign policy has been the death of Osama bin Laden. Practically from the beginning, a lot of liberals conflated bin Laden with Islamic terrorism, refusing to realize that, like the Tea Party phenomenon, al Qaeda was simply one local branch of a decentralized and ad hoc group of like-minded proponents of violence to further their agendas.

You can't very well have this administration admit to the American people, but more importantly to their base, that the death of bin Laden did absolutely nothing to hinder either al Qaeda or any other Islamic terror group. The fact that the attack was foreseen and on a symbolic date certainly wasn't going to help.

The unfortunate tendency of top members of this administration to lie to the American people is a separate issue, but Obama doesn't much like to be associated with failure. It must have been George W. Bush's fault.