Thursday, November 01, 2012

Obama is a Lock for an Eight Year Failed Presidency

For over a year I've predicted a dozen times in this blog alone that Romney cannot win the election and that President Obama is assured of certain victory. I predicted Romney would repeatedly stumble, miss opportunities and fail. Romney is that tone deaf. 

Today I repeat that assertion. President Obama wlll be re-elected Tuesday and by a comfortable margin. 

Curiously Mitt Romney had a chance. Even more curiously, he decided to forgo almost certain election and pursue a genuinely bizarre last minute campaign strategy, ignoring the huge issue of the Obama Administration's cover-up of Libyan Ambassador Steven's torture and murder in Benghazi and opting instead to double down on a deceptive ad about Jeep moving production to China. 

Instead of exposing the truth of the biggest cover-up of this century, Romney decides to repeat a lie about automobile production. Missteps don't get much bigger than this. 

Someday, someone will write a book about this election (they always do) and will reveal why Romney made the gigantic mistake. 

In the meantime, after his comfortable re-election , President Obama will face a massive Congressional and media investigations that could actually bring down his Presidency. Shades of Nixon and Watergate. 

The nation is the loser next Tuesday. We could have had a competent disciplined President who would have turned around our economy and stabilized world relations. Instead will will get four genuinely horrific years of gridlock, investigations, bitterness, divisiveness and an utterly failed Presidency.


Chris said...

I'll be glad when the election is over so people can stop speculating about it.

I've waited for four years to vote this idiot out of office. I suspect that a majority of voting Americans feel the same way. Have faith in your fellow citizens. If they can't see that Obama is out of his depth, then we deserve what's coming.

Tuesday we'll know one way or the other.

shoo said...

One ad you think is bad is not going to turn Ohio. That ad was nowhere near as tone deaf as Obama's "First Time" ad.

You worry too much and read the wrong news Bob...Romney has this in the bag, hopefully significantly greater than the "margin of lawyer".

Unknown said...

As we've agreed previously, President Obama is a mortal lock for re-election. I am hopeful that after the election, progress will be made on jobs, immigration and climate change. That will be more than enough to make a successful second term.

Chris said...

You were right, O great and powerful Oz.

We are well and truly fucked.

Bob Keller said...

Thanks Chris, Steve and Shoo. I appreciate your comments.

While the recriminations will flow fast, far and furious, the reality is that Romney was ill suited as a candidate. He was too static, too regimented, to inflexible to wage even a reasonably aggressive campaign.

A strong case can and should be made that if you're unable to wage a reasonable campaign, you're unlikely to be a good President. However, I believe Romney might have been "the exception that proves the rule."

We will never get a chance to find out.

Beyond that I believe the public really screwed up. By increasing the Republican majority in the House, while simultaneously giving Harry Reid a larger and more compliant majority in the Senate, I believe we are now set for a disastrous two year period: gridlock and a rudderless ship.

shoo said...

With Obama as President, gridlock is the best we can hope for. Rudderless is good. Otherwise Obama would be like the captain of the Titanic steering the ship around for another crack at that iceberg.

Chris said...

Romney ran a good campaign. He was an electable candidate. His message was that the economy sucks and the President is responsible for a lot of the policies that keep it sucking. This should have been a no-brainer.

The American people have spoken. A majority of them want to be France. We will lock in low growth, high regulation, and participatory fascism.