Monday, April 22, 2013

In Praise of News and Opinion Diversity

Like most of you I'm still trying to comprehend the events of the past week.  Most American's nerves are raw and we're all guilty of saying things or at least thinking things we don't necessarily mean.  Nothing is more rare today than facts, nothing more plentiful than opinions.

As we calm down and as the myriad of media, new and old, do their jobs, we will begin to understand all that happened in a few short, horrific days.

Until the terror in Boston and the horror in West, Texas I was planning to write a follow-up to my previous blog about Sarah Palin and the lack of real dialog between the left and the right in this country.  It is still, I believe, the biggest obstetrical we all face.

But I'm going to leave that blog for another time.

What I want to do here is simply praise the strength, diversity, the efficiency and the depth of the media in light of the new digital age and social media availability to all Americans.

You only need to be on Twitter for a few minutes t understand why despots in countries all around the globe try to regulate it or shut it down.  Today news spreads like wildfire.  Sometimes its not accurate, sometimes it's colored by strong opinions, but it's ALL out there and we all benefit.

Any of my fellow Liberals who deny the immense left wing bias of the major media are simply deluding themselves.  They should be embarrassed.  They should be one hell of a lot smarter than that.

But the right need not fear for one minute.  The views and OFTEN THE FACTS needed by all Americans are out there. And people get the news.... and the facts... and vital opinions.  This system really, really works!

You need look no further than the news about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor who might just be the biggest MASS MURDERER in American History as proof.  Did the mainstream media ignore the Gosnell story?  Absolutely.  But did the new media get the story out and shame the old media in the process? YES!

And I don't think the Gosnell story is the worst example of main stream media dereliction of responsibility.  But the new media, FOX News, the Conservative pundits, the brilliant bloggers and others fill the gaps, effectively and consistently.

The truth is out there.  Now if we could just calmly discuss our ideas.


Unknown said...

By and large I thought the media's coverage of Boston was pretty good overall. Yes, there was some parts that made me want to scream, others merely a facepalm. The vast amounts of information (and misinformation) was astounding. The outlets combed through chaffe and produced some good reporting.

I have praise for President Obama's measured responses. Very appropriate IMHO.

Some of the aftermath is repugnant, to be sure.

Good blog topic.

Unknown said...

Wiz, If you have a moment watch the video I posted. It is a good segue from your final thought.