Sunday, January 05, 2014

Melissa Harris-Perry

I have the utmost respect for MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry. I watch her show on Saturday and Sunday mornings as often as possible. She is bright, thought provoking and entertaining, a rare combination on this otherwise morbid network. 

She gets into trouble often because of her unflinching Liberal viewpoint and it a lightening rod for Conservatives. But her worst week was last week when she callously mocked the Mitt Romney family for their adoption of an African American child.  The Twitterverse, blogosphere and Conservative news outlets exploded in outrage. And I was certainly outraged, too.

However, I Tweeted Tuesday morning that I was absolutely confident that Harris-Perry would apologize. Not thirty minutes later she did. 

She also apologized on the air Saturday. It was the most heartfelt and genuine apology I've witnessed from a public figure.  Not only did Harris-Perry deeply regret her error, I believe she genuinely learned from the experience.

In short, Melissa Harris-Perry is no Joy Reid. She is an asset to today's political debate and the most valuable member of the MSNBC Team.


Unknown said...

I found it more interesting that she is yet another MSNBC personality in trouble.

Bob Keller said...

Happy New Year, Lee.

Melissa Harris-Perry certainly deserved all the trouble she got, but she handled it beautifully.

You know I'm a huge believer in embracing and (at least attempting) understanding opposing viewpoints. But I like them to be logical and not based on political cheerleading. Harris-Perry fits these criteria and is worthy of your consideration.

This is vastly different from political hacks like Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews or even Rachel Maddow, all of whom regularly compromise their supposedly liberal values just to smash the opposition. These folks have no credibility with me.

As for Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin, these guys are both just sad jokes. Thank goodness they're gone. They represent no valid viewpoints.

Likewise Joy Reid in just an embarrassment to Liberals (and thinking human beings, everywhere).