Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pat Sajak's Brilliant Tweet

I really appreciate those who have mastered the art of Twitter.  Occasionally you find someone who can be brilliant in 140 characters. I've read dozens of tweets I admire and a few I felt were brilliant. But Sajak's is pure genius.

Naturally, many on the Left worked hard, strained and stretched their credibility to mount faux outraged attacks on Pat Sajak as if they were just too damned stupid to instantly realize Sajak's satire was aimed directly at them. I do not believe there is anyone who claims to be a Liberal that is actually that dumb. I just wish my fellow Liberals didn't feel compelled to insult the intelligence of their fans, followers and progressive supporters.

Sajak certainly won the battle of wits here, but he accomplished much more.  In 140 characters Sajac taught us a lesson about insults, racial and otherwise, that we all need to learn.

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