Tuesday, January 06, 2015

#Black Lives Matter

#Black Lives Matter.  If there was a signature Tweet that defined the year 2014 it was the hashtag "Black Lives Matter."

What I think bothers me is that hashtags have become the feelgood contribution of too many people toward curing our society's ills.  I did my part. I sent out a Tweet.

The problem is that Tweet won't save the life of a single Black person.  Nobody will find a job because you Tweeted a socially responsible Tweet.  Schools will not improve.  Gangs will not stop their turf wars.  Random acts of violence will not cease. Nothing will change.

Because, for all too many people, the value of a "Black Life" is a random Tweet.

The protests are now dying down, as they must.  The protester's beclowned themselves with their stupid acts of violence and meaningless, pointless, goalless splendor. Protests with a hashtag driven mentality.

The biggest result of the nationwide protests was the implosion of Bill De Blasio's New York.  But De Blasio was well on his way to destroying the city on his own.  The protests simply accelerated the process.  Black Lives Matter.  You will see a massive increase in murders in New York this year.  As usual, most lives lost will be black.

Maybe the Glitterati will come up with a new hashtag to decry that violence.  After all, hashtags are easier and cheaper than the real investment that must be made in our society to actually save black lives.  And hashtags make our Hollywood stars, sport's gladiators and various celebrities feel so very good.

#Black Lives Matter.

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