Thursday, May 05, 2005

Democrats Are Cowards

It is the Democrats who want Social Security to fail. Well, not really fail. No politician will ever let it actually collapse. They just want it to titer on the brink. Solve the problem early? Solve it on George Bush's watch? They can't allow that to happen.

So, in the name of "protecting" Social Security, they are actually working to assure that Social Security as we have known it will cease to exist. They want the system on the verge of total collapse.

They know that it will. And not in 2053 as forecast, but in the next five to ten years. At that time the monthly payout (which is all borrowed money, coming mostly from hostile foreign governments) will become unsustainable. At that time, Democrats can force through changes that are totally unacceptable today. High tax increases combined with program cuts.

Continued absolute Federal control will be assured. And today's cowardice will be recast as bravery in the face of disaster.

By REFUSING to compromise or to offer any solutions or proposals, they are betraying seniors, and all young Americans. This is cowardice at the highest level. There is no excuse. There isn't today a single Democrat who deserves to be in the House or the Senate. They are betraying all Americans in order to gain political advantage.


It's one thing to be high minded and resist Bush's optional personal accounts. Any reasonable Democrat can honestly disagree with the personal account option.

It's quite another to refuse to come to the table and negotiate. Hand it to the Democrats, they know how to hang together. And they are tickled to watch the Republicans fall apart and hang separately.

President Bush fell right into the trap the Democrats carefully set. While refusing to offer even one single suggestion or idea they actually tricked him into offering a detailed plan. Their attack came swift and hard.

And what a gentleman Bush was during his Press Conference. No harsh words for the loyal opposition. He gave the Democrats a free ride. He merely asked them once again to come to the table.

However, the Democratic leadership felt no need to hold back. No Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy. No lie was too outrageous. Name calling was the order to the day.

Shame on the President for treating the Democrats with kid gloves. The gloves need to come off now.

He played nice. He put his proposals on the table. He has offered to compromise.

Now he needs to aggressively go on the attack. He has nothing left to lose.

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