Friday, May 06, 2005

Kudos to Barry Garron

As usual, the American press and public are captivated by the least important of possible news stories. Whether it is the "Runaway Bride" or the potential shenanigans of American Idol Judge Paula Abdul, we revel in insignificance.

I certainly recognize we all need diversions from the stressful life we lead in the modern world. And I enjoy gossip and American Idol as much as anyone.

But I want to give my "props" to Reuters Entertainment Reporter Barry Garron who's really "keeping it real" in his reporting analysis of the recent ABC PrimeTime Live expose of Paula Abdul and her alleged affair with former contestant Corey Clark.

Garron reported, "At least as alarming as the relationship "PrimeTime Live" purports to expose is the questionable relationship between the news division and Clark. Quinones seems all too ready to accept at face value the charges of an admitted liar -- Clark covered up a previous arrest record, which ultimately got him kicked off the show -- made more than a year after the fact, just as his first record is to go on sale and just as his proposal for a tell-all book is being floated among publishers. And if that doesn't tip the hand of ABC's Faustian bargain, check out the promotion during the show for Clark's interview Thursday on ABC's "Good Morning America." "

Also as usual, the added emphasis is mine.

This link to Garron's commentary was correct at the time of posting: Yahoo News: TV review: Primetime Live

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