Friday, June 15, 2007

Incompetent (adj.), See Harry Reid

Bruce, over at Gay Patriot quipped "in the dictionary under “incompetence” it shows a photo of Harry Reid."

That's funny but, of course, it's not true. If Webster chose to show photos of "incompetent people," the entire dictionary would be filled to overflowing with thumbnail sketches. Still, it's likely Harry Reid would be the first entry.

Bruce does go on to document his complaints about the Senate Majority Leader, "...earlier this week, the Senate Majority “Leader” continued his support of the troops
by labeling as “incompetent” both Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace and Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq."

"While many on the left (and some on the right) have faulted the president for not listening to the generals on the ground in Iraq, Reid blasts them as incompetents — and without waiting to hear from those generals, joins House Speaker Pelosi in
telling the president the surge has failed. Two Washington hacks, neither of whom has any military experience, posturing as if they knew better than our military leaders. Amazing!"

Tragically, Bruce is entirely correct. Reid is not only incompetent, he is arrogant, ignorant and is, frankly, not very bright. He doesn't belong in the U.S. Senate, let alone a leadership position.

Now I base this not only on his remarkably stupid, insensitive and politically tone deaf comments about Generals Pace and Petraeus, but also on his inept handling of his majority position in the Senate.

If there has been a less effect Senate Majority Leader in the history of the Senate, I'm not sure who is might be. In six months Reid has accomplished absolutely nothing except crank up the level of partisan sniping to new heights.

Curiously I believe both Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi misread the results of the last election. This is just my opinion, of course. I think the public demanded a change because they actually wanted the Congress to get things done. I think the public wants bipartisanship. Congressional approval is now hitting new lows because the Democrat leadership simply have missed the point.

But, as usual, I digress. Back to Senator Reid. His recent mishandling of the Immigration Reform Bill is merely the latest in his gigantic missteps. Let's hope he can get it right next week.

As to Reid's comments about General Petraeus (originally made in a private call to left leaning bloggers but now publicly repeated on television yesterday), if he truly believes the General leading our troops into battle daily is incompetent, he is obligated to do everything humanly possible to remove the General from command. To fail to do so places our troops in grave danger. This is not a glib comment for a few left wing bloggers. It is a call to action. A genuine leader would not rest until our troops were saved from leadership that placed them in harm's way.

I used to complain mightily about Trent Lott as Majority Leader. Harry Reid actually makes me long for the good old days. Lott may well have been a partisan hack, but he was a completely competent partisan hack (and still is, it seems).

Reid's approval ratings in a recent poll are well below President Bush's ratings. Reid 19%, Bush 34%. This is only possible because the public sees Reid for exactly what he is.

Compared to Harry Reid, President Bush is a Statesman.

Compared to Reid, President Bush is articulate and a gifted speaker.

Compared to Reid, President Bush is an open minded and flexible.

Compared to Reid, President Bush is an intellectual.

Compared to Reid, President Bush is a military genius.

Compared to Reid, President Bush is a gifted politician.

Compared to Reid, President Bush is a leader.

Sorry President Bush, you've just been damned by faint praise.




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