Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mixed Feelings About Larry Craig....

I'm not actually going to post about Senator Larry Craig...... because I'm not sure how I feel about the growing number of issues behind his arrest for a possible failed attempt at a potential misdeed.

I'm starting to feel that we may simply have politics run amok. Opportunistic politics.

I do think Craig is an idiot, but if we start throwing out Members of Congress for stupidity, the chambers will echo in emptiness.

So I merely want to direct you all to today's excellent essay on the subject by Arianna Huffington,
In the Age of Terror, Isn't Busting Toe-Tappers an Insane Use of Our Law Enforcement Resources?

If you were to read back over the last four years or so that Arianna and have have cohabited the blogosphere, you would find that I have agreed with her in print exact "Never." But she is spot on today.

I really appreciate her contribution to this controversy and the underlying issues. Read her entire post.

....isn't it the height of madness to use America's finite law enforcement resources to seek out and arrest people for tapping the foot of a cute undercover officer in a restroom?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not wild about walking into a public restroom and seeing a couple using the a stall for something other than, as Sgt. Dave Karsnia, the arresting officer in the Craig case put it, "its intended use."

But that is not what Larry Craig did. If he had, someone in the restroom could have done what most people do when they see a law being broken: go get a cop.

And as it happens, since Craig was arrested in an airport, presumably there were plenty of law enforcement officers nearby looking for, you know, real threats -- like explosives or folks on a Watch List. Assuming, that is, they weren't all hunkered down in other bathrooms across the airport, protecting the public against people who might be thinking about having sex.

Let me be clear: I'm no fan of Larry Craig. Indeed, I disagree with almost everything he stands for. And I'd much rather he not be in the United States Senate.
But I'd also rather have had his exit be the result of his constituents voting on his ideas and policies, instead of a ridiculous sting operation in an airport bathroom.


Vigilante said...

A well-raised and expressed point. Wizard. Randi Rhodes agreed with both you and Arianna yesterday, BTW.

But the real target is the anti-gay hypocrisy, isn't it?

Bob Keller said...

vigilante said "But the real target is the anti-gay hypocrisy, isn't it?"

Yes it is and Craig is certainly guilty of that as are about 80% of all Republicans.