Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Abu Abdullah Kidnapped, Feared Dead

Abu Abdullah, one of a handful of Iraqi Sunni's who had maintained their jobs at the Shi'ite controlled Iraqi Interior Ministry is feared dead. Abu (not his real name) was kidnapped nearly a month ago by the "Islamic State of Iraq" a group aligned with or actually part of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Since his kidnapping, three of his Sunni co-workers at the Iraqi Interior Ministry have also been kidnapped and killed. Abu Abdullah is feared dead although his body has not been found.

Abdullah had worked hard to fit in with his Shi'ite co-workers even memorizing Shi'ite prayers and worshiping with them. And it can't be known for certain which group of religious extremists kidnapped and killed him. His efforts to blend in might actually have marked him for murder.

But Jamie Tarabay of National Public Radio tells the story much better than I can....
CLICK HERE and listen to her report.

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