Monday, October 01, 2007

Much Ado About a Whole Lot Less Than Nothing

I'm just not going to spend more that a few paragraphs on this absolutely stupid and (once again) totally false story being manufactured by Media Matters, this time about Rush Limbaugh. What the hell is wrong with these people. Anyone who has ever listened to any extended section of any Rush Limbaugh show or listened to the specific show in question (readily available all over the Internet), knows the accusations against Limbaugh are totally and absolutely false.

But they are actually worse than false, they are stupid beyond imagination. I wish Media Matters would actually tackle an issue that actually mattered!

I'm only writing this tonight because of my continued disgust with Harry Reid and several other Democrats who have picked up the anti-Limbaugh mantra and are marching forward toward condemnation's and reprimands and threatened Armed Forces Network cancellations on these totally false and trumped up charges.

Harry, we have real liberal and Democrat issues that need and require our undivided attention. Are you familiar with Iraq, for example? Or how about health care? Education? Race relations? Darfur?

If you think you can fool the American public by flailing about wildly, muttering falsehoods about a conservative media buffoon instead of dealing substantively with the real issues at hand, you are sadly mistaken.

The first and most important question we should be asking is also the question that should end the conversation: If Limbaugh did insult some soldiers, who the hell cares?

Why are Limbaugh's opinions about anything an issue worthy of House or Senate resolutions? When did Limbaugh ascend to the throne?

Limbaugh does have a weight problem. But Harry, you can't really hide your incompetence behind Limbaugh's girth.

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