Friday, February 22, 2008

Bill Keller Needs to Resign

Bill Keller and I share the same last name. To my knowledge we are not related. But even if we were brothers I would still lead the call for his resignation.

Keller, in case you somehow didn't know, is the Executive Editor of The New York Times.

But I'm reasonably certain that you do know that the Times did print a stunningly vague, undocumented and sloppily written hatchet piece
slandering John McCain on the front page of this morning's newspaper.

While I can safely leave it to conservative bloggers to defend McCain, it isn't McCain that was damaged today. The real damage was to The New York Times itself.

In running a pointless story designed only to damage the Republican front runner for President, the Times virtually ruined what remained of their already tarnished image.

From Jayson Blair to Judith Miller, the Times has consistently proven it neither challenges its reporters to seek the truth nor does it bother to fact check the obviously sloppy results of lazy and/or politically biased reporting.

This attitude starts at the top. The Executive Editor sets the standards for his editors and reporters to follow. Clearly, a change in leadership is seriously needed at the Times.

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