Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Dream Election 2008

Yet another primary and yet another chance for the Wizard to opine......

Barack Obama LogoWe are very, very close to the Wizard's "Dream Election" of Democrat Barack Obama facing Republican John McCain. This is the very best possible matchup for the American people. McCain and Obama are the best of their respective parties and either would make an excellent President.

Even more important these are two men of extraordinary integrity and honor. We can actually respect them both for exactly the same reason - Their positions on the war in Iraq. You see, even though they are polar opposites, both have held their positions even when faced with overwhelming public opposition! These men don't sway with every breeze in the polls. They actually believe what they say. That is refreshing in itself!

JohnMcCain.comAnd this election is best for the American public because the choice couldn't possibly be more clear. In McCain we have a supporter of the continued occupation and (potential) liberation of the people of Iraq versus Barack Obama, a champion for withdrawal of the troops from Iraq.

In their speeches tonight, both men fully embraced their positions on Iraq. Neither man will back down.

The voters in American will finally be allowed to choose. No fence sitting. The course of action, the future path of American foreign policy, will be clear once the dust settles in November. If the people really want to leave Iraq (and possibly Afghanistan), the road map home will be drawn in the quiet privacy of the voting booth.

If, on the other hand, the American public agrees with John McCain and believes that America must take the War on Terror into the Middle East, that renewed surge must find its roots in the polling places of America.

These are tough choices. These are real leaders.


Vigilante said...

Yeah, Wiz. But tell us which side are you on?

Bob Keller said...

I am firmly on record condemning President Bush's foolish, poorly orchestrated and horrifically mishandled invasion of Iraq. It IS the greatest mistake in the entire history of the United States.

But, having made the mistake, I am firmly on record in supporting the Bush/MCCain "surge" in Iraq. I don't believe an early and poorly thought out exit from Iraq is even worth considering.

But that doesn't tell the whole story. I am more than willing to follow President Barack Obama out of Iraq. Barack is a real leader and I think he can bring together a great world coalition for peace and stability in the middle east.

I am absolutely unwilling to tolerate Harry Reid and the Congress to dictate foreign policy or military strategy.

Therefore I said over and often on your home turf, "Impeach Bush or allow him to do his job until the next election."

OK gang. It's time for the next election!!!

Pink Liberty said...

If McCain-the-warmonger is elected, I'm seriously considering leaving this country for awhile. Our freedoms and security would be in deeper peril--we'd be telling the world, "Bring it on."

Big Yellow Forehead said...

I agree with pink. McCain wouldn't even live to tell about all of the perils surely to follow the continuation of this OOPS! of a war. Our peace and security are at stake, for sure. As is our credibility as a nation. Offering continued fund of an unnecessary war while people's homes are being foreclosed? Way to go, Team McCain!

Anonymous said...

McCain is just acting as a fall guy for his liberal friends. It looks like we conservatives will have to take it on the chin this time, then regroup and elect a bona fide conservative in 2012. It kind of reminds me of 1976 when Carter got in, openly to be blasted out of office by Reagan four years alter.