Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nancy Pelosi's War on America

America is really being betrayed by the current political posturing in Washington. And Nancy Pelosi is leading a bizarre and very destructive campaign against the best interests of the American people.

It simply isn't possible to make any sense out of the current Democrat's posturing on energy EXCEPT that they have a genetic knee jerk opposition to any plan or any idea supported by Republicans. Is it possible that the Democrats feel forced to oppose the Republicans even if it actually means America is thrown into a full blown recession? What's happening is very disturbing.

Pelosi lacks the support of a significant number of Democrat members of Congress. If Pelosi wasn't using every procedural trick in the book to prevent members of her own party from crafting an amazing compromise energy bill, it would have passed the House today.

The Republicans compromise legislation would include conservation, alternative energy research, use of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserves (as horrifically bad an idea as that might be), and increased drilling for new oil reserves in offshore wells and possibly other areas. It would sail through the Senate and Bush has signalled he would sign a bipartisan compromise.

Over 70% of the public favors increased drilling and even more would support the compromise proposed by Republicans and many Democrats. But Pelosi won't allow any proposal to come before the Congress. Republicans vow to press for a vote every day until Pelosi relents. Good luck with that.

Nancy Pelosi is beyond any doubt unfit to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Let's hope other leaders in the House can persuade her to back off and help America become energy self sufficient.

I continue to encourage you to contact your Member of Congress and ask them to support a compromise that would move us toward energy independence.

We have eight days until the August recess.

Here is a link to the most recent news from the Hill: Congressional attempt to release oil from reserves fails
Since I wrote this post at midnight last night the call for action has increased from both the Main Stream Media and the blogosphere. The Washington Post has an EDITORIAL today that says, in part,
"Instead of dealing with the issue on the merits, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-Calif.), a staunch opponent of offshore drilling, has simply decreed that she will not allow a drilling vote to take place on the House floor. If there is an explanation buried in there about why that makes offshore drilling off-limits for a vote, we missed it."
Michelle Malkin has a great post about the drilling non debate orchestrated by Pelosi. Malkin notes that "The only place Democrats want to drill is your wallet."

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