Wednesday, July 16, 2008

John McCain, You Missed It by Thaaaaat Much

No sooner than the virtual ink had dried on my cyber essay this morning, than John McCain proved my point exactly. He simply cannot or will not focus on the issue that is the most important issue in this election.

Hello John? Anybody home?

It's the energy inflated economy stupid!!

Now I need to digress for just a moment to give John McCain the credit he so rightfully deserves. He showed courage and grace today in addressing the NAACP convention. By all accounts he acquitted himself very well. He was gracious, warm and genuine, even while knowing he is unlikely to pick up a single vote from the group's members.

But Ken Blackwell, the African American Republican, pointed out in the elephant in the room, if you'll pardon the pun. McCain failed to address the number one, most important topic on the minds of every American, including every African American. Raging gasoline prices are destroying everything lower income Americans have been working to achieve. People cannot drive to work. They cannot afford groceries or clothing. This a real and personal crisis.

You can listen to Blackwell's obvious advice to McCain on NPR:
Black Republican Has Message For McCain If only McCain will tune in and listen.

But John, if you and your handlers and advisers are way to busy to listen to one of the few black Republicans, why not just read today's New York Times: More Poll Findings: The Economy Trumps the War, by Far

And here's the worst part of this political disaster. McCain has a genuine advantage. Barack Obama is an empty suit when it comes to the energy crisis. The man's got nothing. No plan and few ideas. He is clueless and vulnerable. Energy is his Achilles heel. At least it is today.

But Barack is smart. He will read the New York Times. And his advisers are listening to NPR. And while McCain will call his new plan a "flip-flop on energy," he'll regain the advantage.

When and if Barack Obama finally realizes that vague (and 15 billion dollars worth of stupid) corporate welfare plans for imaginary alternative energy ideas will not solve this crisis, he'll create a new plan and earn every one's respect.

America must be 100% energy independent by 2016. McCain has the plan, but no voice or message. Obama could inspire a nation, but he has no plan.

Will somebody please wake up and smell the gasoline.

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