Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senator Kerry's Class Warfare

Today is yet another day I am so grateful the Senator John Kerry was never elected President. This man is an idiot. And he is damned dangerous, too.

Kerry introduced a bill to regulate the behavior of companies that received TARP money. Experts say the bill is so vapid and unconstitutional that it could never be enforced and would never stand a court challenge.

Trust me when I tell you Kerry doesn't give a rat's ass. He isn't trying to solve any problem, real or imaginary. He is simply trying to grandstand and get his 15 minutes of fame, by inciting class warfare between those he hopes to keep forever poor and those he can demonize for their success.

Keep in mind that, through marriage, Kerry is one of the wealthiest men on earth. While he wants to demonize a company that has achieved tremendous financial success, earned a fair profit and rewards their employees magnificently, he would never stand for anyone curtailing his right to spend his vast fortune in any way he wanted.

So while Kerry will continue to attend all the Golf Tournaments and Sheryl Crow concerts he desires, he wants to insure your employer won't reward your performance with tickets to a similar venue.

Oh, and coincidentally, Kerry wants to end the very marketing strategies that propelled Northern Trust Corp. to its astonishing success.

Frankly, Northern Trust's annual golf tournament, the Northern Trust Open, at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California. has done more to actually stimulate the economy that the trillion dollar Obama/Pelosi/Reid Stimulus bill will ever do. By the way, for all my golfing fans, the tournament was won by Phil Mickelson.

Hotels were filled and employees were paid with real wages and real jobs. Restaurants were filled to overflowing, rewarding workers, chefs, waiters, waitresses and even dishwashers. Television and sports networks employed hundreds. The flow of cash goes on and on. And not one single penny of taxpayer money was used. Instead millions of dollars of tax revenue was generated for the local, state and national government.

But hell, if tax money had been used, Northern Trust should have been congratulated, not condemned. We wanted banks to use the TARP money to improve the economy, not just sit on the cash.

Northern Trust stated their position with clarity and eloquence:

"Questions have been raised regarding Northern Trust's sponsorship of the Northern Trust Open, a PGA event that has raised millions of dollars for charities, along with client-focused events. As economies worldwide are attempting to rise above current difficulties, it is important for healthy banks like Northern Trust to continue to invest in our clients and the communities we serve."

By inciting class warfare, Kerry actually insures that everybody loses. And that is exactly what Kerry wants.

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