Thursday, September 17, 2009

Battles You Cannot Win

I've been reading quite a lot of different blogs over the last week. I've started with the blogs I normally frequent, then followed the links to other blogs many folks provide on their sidebars. I've also read the comments made on blog posts and followed the poster to his or her "home" blog.

To say our nation is divided is an understatement. I've read charges, accusations, attacks, slurs and hate speech. It's really quite ugly in almost all of the politically oriented blogs.

Lots of people are shouting. Nobody is listening.

Generally people do not venture outside of their own political spectrum. So they are free to feed upon one another. Readers seek out blogs with which they already agree. Then each comment plays one-upsmanship on the previous remark. "My hate speech is more hateful that your hate speech."

Often it's a race to see who can mention Hitler first. Charges of racism as sure to follow. Socialist! Communist! Fascist!

Don't get me wrong. These aren't any arguments. There is no opposing point of view.

No conservatives dare visit the progressive dens of hate. Why would they? Why should they? No one is going to listen. And no real issues are being discussed. It's not like there is a discussion of the merits of the public option of health care. Nope, the only discussion is how stupid.... or mean..... or cruel.... or evil.... or racist the opposition really is.

Many right wing blogs traffic is the same vacuous diatribes.

These bloggers are preaching to the choir. They are tilting at windmills, fighting battles they cannot possibly win. They are poisoning themselves in their homemade cesspools of hate.

There is one last unifying factor. Not one of them realize what they are doing. They will read what I've written and never realize I'm talking about them. That's why it's called blind hatred.


Unknown said...

I don't quite think you're on the mark, here. I realize that it is often the status quo, but, there are a few of us who surf through all sides of the issues. It's the intelligent choice. To be forewarned or to be 'up to speed' with the opposing views. Like now, this is how I found you! Keep up with the opposing views. I mean this in a very sincere and friendly way. I also read the National Review, Drudge, a few others. I do my best to keep informed on both sides of the issues, I think if I am to blog my own opinions, I should be current on all sides of the issues. You make a valid point. Many don't. Though, I know more than a few, who do. Just stoppin' by to say so. :-)

Vigilante said...

Yeah, Wiz. I'm just politically exhausted. We recently had a rip-roaring bi-partisan debate on SwiftSpeech. Mutually reflective and respectful discussion. Everyone got his/her chance to get points across. It was very restorative. It's hard to find moments and opportunities like that.

Bob Keller said...

Vigilante, I'm sorry I overlooked the discussion at SwiftSpeech. I just went back and tried to locate it, but I'm not seeing it.

SwiftSpeech, with Stella taking more of a lead, is a more disciplined and thoughtful place these days.

Unknown said...

While its true I do not read Daily Kos. I do pop by Mother Jones.

My ventures into discourse on liberal sites (with the obvious exception of this site), have found exactly what you said. I guess I should recognize your talking about me.

Oso said...

your mention of the race to mention Hitler first brought a smile to my face. Have you heard of Godwins Law, or Rule ?

Something along the lines of "the longer an internet discussion continues the greater the chances of a comparison to Hitler and/or Nazism".

Or something like that.

Stella by Starlight said...

Aw, gee, Wizard. You sweet talker. I am happy to have all the posts and comments we can gather—Vig's wit, Mike's humor, No. 44—the modern-day Diogenes who always brings me down to earth, Bro Mike's unfailing kindness and perception, the witty and ultra-conservative Boston Maggie, Oso's thoughtful posts, Will's much-needed moderate perspective, Lee's kindness, shoo's sensible perspective and well-reasoned comments... and whoever I forgot: I apologize.

Wizard, in case you're interested in the ensuing mêlée at Swiftspeech, here's the link. The comment thread is one of my all-time favorites. It all started with Vigilante's post (thank you, dear mentor!)

I'm not sure how reasonable and disciplined I am. My latest post is a rant the dimensions of which I never achieved against a harassing blogger. After the last two years or more, I finally flamed the individual in question who seems to delight in trolling women's blogs and making snide, insulting, and degrading remarks. He's come back to visit me. I responded in kind.

We each have different styles, and I cherish them all except this one... person?