Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've often discussed the primary difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans distrust the Government and Democrats distrust Corporations.  Obviously this has little to do with Liberal versus Conservative philosophies, although there is a small overlap.  Liberals often need the Government to achieve their goals.

So here I am stuck with strong Liberals values, but with a deep understanding of that Government bureaucracy almost always fails and fails miserably at absolutely everything it does.  There are some tasks only government can fulfill like the military, but even then expect waste, corruption and incompetence.

I HATE Democrats (even though I am one) because they often apologize or even deny these failures in an effort to defend their selfish use of government for almost everything.  It's all about power, power for the party in power, instead about doing what's best for the people.

We have a situation on California that clearly illustrates government's continuous and absolute failure to do any job right.  And when government fouls up people are hurt or die.  In this case we simply threw thousands of children to the wolves.

In spites of warnings, instructions, cries for help and pleading, the Child Welfare Services never took the time to check if registered sex offenders were caring for Foster Children!   They gave vulnerable children to over 1,000 Sex Offenders!! That's right, Child Services, charged with the responsibility of  removing children from potentially dangerous home situations, were turning around and placing them in even more danger!!

No government employee checked. Not once, not ever! And it would have been simple because California has a computerized list of sex offenders.

Of course excuses will now flow like water. Not enough money will be the leading excuse.  The legislature never passed a law making it illegal for sex offenders to care for foster children will be another.  But, in reality, it's not enough accountability.  If a few hundred people instantly lost their jobs (and that should, but will not, happen) this situation could and would change.  But mostly we'll get hand wringing and excuses.

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Inexcusable is sickeningly understated.