Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Want to Know What Republicans REALLY THINK? Ask one.

Here is a novel idea, one I'm certain my fellow Liberals will ignore.  If you really want to know what motivates Republicans, or conservatives or (gasp!) tea party followers, just ask one.  And then seriously listen to their answers.

Don't interrupt them.  Don't insult them.  Don't demonize them.  Ask intelligent follow up questions.  Make a genuine effort to understand positions and solutions that are different from your own.

I'm certainly not suggesting you agree with them.  Just that you actually listen and attempt to understand.

You have to do this yourself, because the television networks we know and love seem incapable of doing it for us.

I am appalled and distressed at the nonsense, hyperbole, falsehoods, half truths and outright lies being foisted upon us Liberals every night by the hosts and guests on MSNBC and Current TV's Keith Olbermann show.  Rachel Maddow will tell you what conservatives think.  Al Sharpton will tell you how evil and duplicitous conservatives are.  Then Ed Schultz will tell you that the Tea Party is plotting the overthrow of mankind.

They will occasionally parade supposed conservative guests before us, people who are either not conservatives at all or who are foolish caricatures of what we Liberals WANT to believe conservatives really are.  I have genuinely NEVER seen a real, credible or articulate conservative on MSNBC.  To see those folks (and there are plenty of them) you need to turn to Fox News. 

No, what we get on MSNBC are guests who are the Washington Generals to the Maddow, O'Donnell and Schultz version of The Harlem Globetrotters.  This way Maddow et al can tell us that  "Tea Party Leaders" are idiots and them produce a living example to prove her point.

There was a time when Rachel Maddow was an excellent and articulate spokesperson for the left back when she was a guest of the ill fated Tucker Carlson Show.  Carlson was no match for Maddow, she is brighter, more articulate and more likeable that Tucker Carlson.  But he kept her honest!  Now, she is guilty nightly of spewing propoganda, generally telling only half of any story.


Chris said...

I deleted MSNBC from my channels when they doctored the picture of the black man (legally) carrying an AR-15 at a rally to make it look like he was white.

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

Bob Keller said...

I was not aware of that incident, but it fits into their wheelhouse nicely.

We need better, unbiased analysis to genuinely understand the issues. That goes for Republicans and conservatives, too.

MSNBC arms their legion of Progressive followers with flintlock rifles and damp gunpowder by only telling half the story or worse, providing outright fabrications.

Chris said...

Frankly, I don't watch TV news at all, because their basic model is the same, no matter the supposed ideology guiding them. It's sensationalism and fear-mongering combined with breathless speculation. The 24-hour news cycle has killed TV journalism.