Monday, April 02, 2012

We Care About Trayvon Martin's Murder Because It's So Rare

We're still looking for justice for Trayvon Martin.  As well we should.  His death is at once both tragic and horrific.

And exceedingly rare.

If you watch television you might think there is an absolute epidemic of whites murdering blacks without so much as a single arrest and even a passing glance from law enforcement.  

Alas, there is a greater and more horrific truth.  There is an epidemic of young teen and early twenty year old black men being murdered in cold blood!  About 4,000 were murdered in the last 12 months!  It's a real and horrific epidemic.

The problem is almost all die at the hands of other black teen and twenty something year old men.  

Young black men comprise only about seven percent of the population, yet account for a whopping 50 percent of the murder victims.

Without "Googling" can you name a single one of them other than Trayvon Martin?  No cheating.  You have 4,000 from which to chose. Name one.

Now tell me we don't have a serious problem here in the United States than NO ONE IS WILLING TO ADDRESS.  


Chris said...


Bob Keller said...

Here's a copy of a reply I posted on another blog. I wanted to repeat my thoughts here:

In the past 12 months over 4,000 other young black males have been murdered, beside Trayvon Martin. It is a national tragedy for which we all bear grave responsibility. It is literally an epidemic, yet there is no national movement to cure it, treat it or even publicize it further.

We remain blissfully unaware of the genocide in our own country, unwilling to deal with either the causes or consequences.

As I challenged the readers on my blog, I'll bet you can't name a single victim (except Trayvon) with out doing a search on the Internet. They are nameless, mourned only by their families and, maybe, their neighbors.

If George Zimmerman is arrested and convicted, it may salve our collective conciseness, But it will only serve to lull us back to sleep, assuring that 4,000 more young black men will be murdered in the next 12 months. And we'll never know there names either.

Bob Keller said...

Jack Chambliss, writing in the Orlando Sentinel, is asking some of the same tough questions. Here is a link to his article: ORLANDO SENTINEL

I have no doubt he is already being called a "racist" because whites simply are not allowed to ask such questions.

Chris said...

I am sure you knew I was being sarcastic.

A lot of people are not blissfully unaware of this problem. They just don't bother saying anything because the race card comes out immediately.

You can't help people with their own problems if they don't want to admit that there is a problem.