Sunday, September 10, 2006


As September 11th approaches I realize more and more what a great honor it is to participate in the 2,996 Project to pay tribute to the 2,996 victims on the 9/11 terrorist attack. I have the honor of paying tribute to Susan Kim Hanson and I hope I'm good enough to do justice to this wonderful person.

I have a funny feeling that many bloggers each working today on their individual tributes feel the same way. The more we learn about an individual victim, the more unworthy we feel. These people gave so much. They had so much potential. They were such an important part of humanity.

The wealth of material about Sue Hanson already on the Internet boggles the mind. She was loved, respected, praised and missed by so many people. Many of those people translated their love, grief and respect for her onto the Internet.

Such is the power of the Internet. It is the repository of vast knowledge and information. It is also the heart and soul of our collective existence. If you don't believe me, just read a few of the tributes posted to the victims of 9/11 posted so far. A complete list of all planned and active posts can be found
here. This database is a gift to the 2996 Project and is searchable by victim name or by blogger and can be sorted in a variety of ways.

My tribute to Sue Hanson will appear in this space later today. It will remain the TOP ENTRY in this blog through September 11, 2006. But I wanted to write about the 2996 Project as a separate entry from my actual tribute.

I suggest that you spend today and tomorrow, as much time as you can spare, in reading the tributes. Some are as short as a sentence. Others are long biographies. Still others are memorials so beautifully written you will be touched forever, your heart bruised is a way that can never heal.

Such is the tribute by 4 and 6 year olds Ben and Noah for Mr. Lester Vincent Marino. You need to read their wonderful blog (prepared with parental help) titled The Super Adventures of Ben and Noah. Look at the pictures they've drawn and the letters they've written. The boys write:

    Today we wrote a memorial. A memorial is when you want to remember someone. Mom says a memorial can be for a special person we don't know. We didn't know Mr. Marino. He was special. We decided to name our tree fort after him. We are going to decorate it on Sunday just for him.

    The end

No matter how hard I try, my tribute for Sue Hanson will never be a wonderful as these boys have prepared for Mr. Marino.

I lack the wisdom, the vision and the heart of a 4 or a 6 year old. But I'll do the best I can.




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