Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Boise State is Number One

In case you've somehow missed the biggest sports story of this century, you should hop over to CBS Sportsline and read Dennis Dodd's superb story, "Fiesta finish a legend with rag-tag roots."

If you missed watching the Fiesta Bowl, you may have missed the greatest college football game in the entire history of the sport.

Dennis Dodd is one great sport's columnist, but the Boise State story almost writes itself.

"There were a lot of people rooting for us," [WAC Commissioner Karl] Benson said.

Only the entire nation, minus the state of Oklahoma. Everything changed because just about everything you know about college football is now subject to review. Benson's WAC headliner, Boise State, belongs in the big time after Monday's shocking Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma.

With a coach who makes about one-seventh of what Alabama is offering Nick Saban.

With a stadium that would be considered a seating expansion in the SEC.

With the play-calling chutzpah of an 11-year old PlayStation 2 vet jacked up on Mountain Dew.

Boise State ends the season with a perfect 13-0 record.

Now there may be a few folks who will tell you that next Monday Number 1 Ohio State will play Number 2 Florida for the National Championship. That just isn't true.

And it doesn't matter a hill of beans who the AP or the coaches vote into the Number One spot in the polls next Tuesday.

In the hearts and minds of every sports fan who ever cheered for an underdog, Boise State has already won. And nothing that happens this next week can diminish their glory.

On a side note I want to mention something you've probably already noticed. For the next few weeks, The Wizard, fkap Journal will be hosted on blogspot.

We have, for well over a year, used the software and simply hosted the resulting pages on our own website. But recently we've had numerous and painful difficulties uploaded and maintaining the journal on the Earthlink servers, which have housed the wizardfkap url since its inception.

Therefore we are moving onto servers we own and operate. This is actually the second to the last of our wide empire of websites to make the move. We've owned, operated and even leased space out on our servers for years.

At the same time we are cleaning up the over 10 years of history in The Wizard,fkap. Nothing will be lost, but most of it will be more accessible. We hope to complete the project in a few weeks.

We URGE YOU to NOT move any bookmarks, since once we leave blogspot there will be no trail for you to follow. Continue to link directly to and let the redirect take you here. That way you'll still find us after the move is complete.




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