Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Save the Cheerleader... Save the World

Not even Hiro and the Heroes can save President Bush's State of the Union address tonight.

While it's possible, even likely, the the Heroes of NBC's hit graphic novel drama can save New York from destruction in three weeks, Bush's destruction tonight is assured and not even Jack Bauer can rescue the President this time.

If you want suspense, you'll need to watch the television network ratings to see if Claire the cheerleader (actress Hayden Panettierre, pictured on the right) and the Heroes stand a chance against the juggernaut of FOX's 24.

Don't waste your time waiting for the Democrat's response to Bush's initiatives or the instant poll numbers that the news networks will deliver late this evening. There is no suspense there. Neither the Democrats nor the public will be endorsing the President.

Bush's popularity will continue to plummet. Republicans are deserting the sinking Bush ship like rats. Fearing their fate in the upcoming election cycle, Republicans are joining the Democrats in seeing who can condemn the President's handling of Iraq the most.

Even Al-Qaida number 2 man Ayman al-Zawahri couldn't resist piling on. He
mocked President Bush in a video released yesterday. "I ask him, why send 20,000 (troops) only — why not send 50 or 100 thousand? Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?"

Rumor has it the al-Zawahri may join Hillary Clinton and issue another video today announcing he is filing the paperwork to form an exploratory committee for 2008. He could teach Hillary a thing or two about videos on the web.

Of course, since George Soros is backing Barack Obama, al-Zawahri's candidacy is considered by many to be a long shot.

Still, tonight's polls may show al-Zawahri is more popular that President Bush. Preliminary poll numbers seen to indicate he is behind Clinton, Obama and Edwards for 2008, but running slightly ahead of Bill Richardson. It just may be too soon for a Hispanic to win the Presidency.

But back to President Bush and the State of the Union address. The Pelosi and Reid promised bipartisanship didn't last 15 minutes into the first 100 hours. I suspect the reception of the speech tonight will be ugly. I frankly expect it to resemble British Parliament and not the usual, cordial reception the President receives for a State of the Union address.

Pundits love to count the number of times the Senators and Congresspersons applaud. Tim Russert can leave his shoes and socks on tonight. It will be a small number.

Politicians can read polls and tea leaves and they can see the President is is worse than a lame duck, he is a dead duck.

They come tonight not to praise Ceasar, but to bury him.

The ramifications for the war in Iraq are profound. The insurgents have won, just as I have long believed they would. The battle for Iraq is over.

Oh, the killing will continue. The body count will pile up. As the US troops become disengaged, the sectarian violence will escalate.

The only question now is when will the Democrats and defecting Republicans pull the plug on funding and force the President's hand.

Will Bush read the tea leaves himself? Or will Congress pour him a cup of hemlock?

Can the Heroes beat Jack Bauer?



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