Sunday, January 28, 2007

Perhaps I Need to Reconsider....

Perhaps I was just too quick in abandoning my proposed satirical story about John Kerry seeking the Presidency...... of Iran (see my blog entry from earlier today).

Seriously, Senator Kerry is a folk hero in Iran! Here is Today's Iran Daily Newspaper.

Here is a
link to the pdf file of the paper. Kerry is being lauded by the Iranian press for his many comments condemning President Bush's and U.S. policies on everything from global warming to aid to Africa.

Many of Kerry's comments from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland are factually incorrect or are mere political hyperbole. But far be it for Kerry to acknowledge Bush's outstanding leadership in aid to Africa. Praising Bush wouldn't have set well with the audience at the World Economic Forum.

After you bask in the glow of the Kerry article, but sure to read the article in the lower right hand corner of the front page. Iranian leaders are condemning the United Nations for their acknowledgment of the Holocaust and the UN's efforts to condemn individuals or countries who deny the Holocaust ever took place.

And, yes, that is Nancy Pelosi in the upper right hand corner of the paper.

I'm betting Hillary Clinton will make the front page tomorrow after her demand this afternoon that President Bush completely withdraw from Iraq by January, 2009. Talk about handing Iran and Osama bin Laden a gift on a silver platter!

It's the ultimate irony! Iran never had to conquer Iraq or overthrow Saddam Hussen. George Bush did that for them. And now Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha are going to present them with the country as a token for peace. The Iranians only need to wait two short years.

And to my detractors who would condemn my statements: Show me any plan, any idea or any proposal by any of the above mentioned individuals that would keep Iraq out of al-Qaeda's or Iran's or Turkey's hands.





Vigilante said...

Of late your writing confuses me, Wizard. I am missing the finer points, I guess. Every time I re-read through them, I come up with another possible theory as to what it is you are trying to get at. I still have no idea as to how to commence a response.

For one thing, I am curious as to what set of your readership you suspect is obsessed with how John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton is treated by the Iranian press? Can you explain that to me?

I sort of get the feeling you are flailing and scrapping around on the surface of things, unable or unwilling to directly address the roots of things.

Bob Keller said...

You know, vigilante, I think we would all make better decisions and better judgements if we were not ever "obsessed" with any politician or particular viewpoint. So I'm hoping no one is particualrly obsessed.

However, I think everyone should be very interested in how our actions are viewed by the (not particularly free) Iranian press.

So we have John Kerry (who most certainly is obsessed) going to Davos and issuing a campaign style stump speech in which he roundly condemns the actions of the US (often falsely) while on the same stage with the former Iranian President.

Kerry's actions bolster the current Iranian President and gives aid and comfort to the Iranian government.

Nothing Kerry has done is earth shattering. But, one of these days, Kerry needs to finally realize that "words have consequences."

This is background information for the much larger debate being handled so well on your multiple blog sites and others.

Thanks for your continued readership and contributions.

the Wizard.....