Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Believe

Barack Obama's acceptance speech from Mile High Stadium was magnificent. If I spent a great deal of time tonight and wrote thoughtfully, carefully and with inspiration, I might be able to convey the majesty of Obama's speech. But I could never equal his own words, his own delivery and his own vision for America.

Barack Obama was just that good. And, more importantly, Barack Obama IS just that good. He is a superb leader and a true visionary.

My many conservative and Republican friends will start tonight to dissect the speech. They will probably mock the backdrop and ridicule the spectacle. I know they have to do this. They must attempt to re-level the playing field. It's going to be damned tough.

And, within days, Republicans and conservatives will begin an attack on Obama to equal or eclipse Obama's own attack on President Geroge Bush and Senator John McCain. Obama did level a personal and, at times, very stinging attack. Some of Obama's attacks will be easily parried and a few were simply wrong. Republicans must challenge those.

Ultimately McCain himself may be called upon to return the volleys that came from Obama's own lips tonight. And he probably should do this that.

But tonight we all share a very special moment. To quote Marc Cohn's brilliant lyrics in the song Walking in Memphis,

Now Muriel plays piano
Every Friday at the Hollywood
And they brought me down to see her
And they asked me if I would --
Do a little number
And I sang with all my might
And she said --
"Tell me are you a Christian child?"
And I said "Ma'am I am tonight"

Ask me if I believe in Barack Obama and I'll reply "Ma'am I do tonight."

So I can only hope that you all can simply absorb all of Barack Obama's words and the wonder of this evening and believe in Barack Obama. He is a great man. And this was a great moment.


Vigilante said...

Yes. May God keep him safe.

Winston said...

Vote McCain 2008. Keep the empty suit away from the WH plz

Vigilante said...

Winston, baby, you've voted for and supported an empty hat in the white house for the last eight years.

K McKiernan said...


Go read me at I wonder what you would think of what I wrote.


Bob Keller said...

Winston, Welcome to (and from) The Wizard. Your views are welcome here.

vigilante Touche