Friday, August 01, 2008

The Twitter Revolution

File this under Nancy Pelosi is a blithering idiot who doesn't deserve to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives:

Nancy Pelosi is trying every possible move to shut down the House of Representatives and silence the Republican Representatives who continue to speak from the podium and demand the House return to session and pass a comprehensive COMPROMISE bill that attacks the energy crisis from every possible angle from new technology to conservation to releasing oil reserves to new oil drilling.

Nancy Pelosi cannot accept this amazing gift to get virtually every single Democrat proposal passed if she would only extend a small (almost insignificant) olive branch to Republicans.

Instead she is playing King George to the Republican Revolutionaries. She's turned out the lights, turned off the C-SPAN cameras and ever turned off the microphone. She's trying to clear the chamber.

Several commentators have been comparing this action to the Boston Tea Party.

Pelosi has enormous power. She alone controls the C-SPAN cameras, power and microphones. She has ordered the Capitol Police to clear the chamber.

But the galleries are full and even Democrat staffers are filling the chambers and all are cheering on the Republicans who refuse to be silenced. Tourists are cheering loudly.

Thanks to
TWITTER, all of America has been involved all afternoon. Both Rep John Culberson and Rep. Pete Hoekstra are Twittering Live from the House Floor. If you are a Twitter member just start following @petehoekstra and @johnculberson to catch the action live.

If you don't want to Twitter, make sure you refresh Michelle Malkin's Blog frequently. The news organizations are also catching on as is talk radio.

I'll finish this entry with another quote from Malkin's amazing blog;

    So, to recap: The “most open and ethical House ever” went dark– and C-SPAN and every other media outlet were powerless to broadcast the proceedings of the GOP revolt–because Nancy Pelosi and the Dems didn’t want the public to see and hear the voices of GOP lawmakers on the House floor talking about their energy proposals.
    Nancy, is this how you advise America’s daughters to use their power?
    What are you afraid of?
    Tell Nancy to keep the cameras rolling when our representatives are on the floor.


Pink Liberty said...

Wow, I see you're a Republican. I think this is the first time Pelosi's actually stood up to your guys. Hooray for that! I'm not familiar with the Republican solutions for our energy crisis, but I'm of the opinion that they can't do much about it without either 1) reducing fuel taxes and thus leaving our roads and bridges without repair funds (not cool if you think about Minneapolis recently) 2) Giving our tax dollars to oil companies to subsidize our gas prices, huh?! 3) we could open up U.S. drilling, and thereby sell OUR oil to the highest bidder in the world (this would probably be China).

Bob Keller said...

"stood up to you guys"

urban pink First, and most importantly, Thank you so much for stopping by and adding to this discussion.

No, I'm a Democrat, but one who actually prefers solutions to our very real problems over partisan bickering, stonewalling and gridlock.

What do most of us Democrats want? First we want significant funding into the research and development of alternative evergy solutions.

Second, we want rapid and significant reduction of the use of carbon based fuels including greatly increased CAFE standards for fuel economy.

Third, we want to put American's to work and support American industry. We're not to fond of shipping jobs and money overseas.

Fourth we want any drilling and oil recovery done in an extremely environmentally safe manner. We want extraordinarily strong regulation, inspection and control to protect our environment.

Finally, we do have to care about the poorest among us, people whose lives are literally being destroyed by the high fuel costs.

Nancy Pelosi didn't stand up against the Republicans. Far from it. She betrayed every Democrat. She could have gotten every single item on our wish list.... without exception. Every environemental protection. Every research dollar. Full funding by increased taxes on the oil companies. Alternative research. Everything.

The Republicans were and are ready to compromise. Yes, so increased drilling rights would be part of the compromise. But they actually are necessary if we want to stop exporting our dollars and our jobs overseas.

Pelosi is an idiot. You can't name in her entire term one single thing she has delivered.

I'm a Democrat. I just want a new Speaker of the House.

Bob Keller said...

Real Democrats like Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) know how to get things done. Their extremely one sided compromise (favoring the Dems and allowing very, very limited drilling) has now received Barack Obama's support.

Obama Open to Offshore Drilling as Part of Senate `Compromise'

Gridlocking the Republicans in not how you "win" it's how how we "lose."

Pink Liberty said...

Thanks, Wizard. Good to read your blog and realize you are so much more informed than I am!! I very much appreciate this list you posted.

Stella by Starlight said...

I post on a conservative blog urban and wizard (I really do have a life...)

The moderator was really going full guns against Pelosi. I commented that liberals hate her, too. And I particularly hate her because she comes from California and is an embarrassment to our state. I apologized on behalf of California.

Pelosi IS an idiot. However, Cindy Sheehan will be runnin for her seat in 2010, as will Sen. Boxer (who got a 0% from the Christian Coalition), and would be a dynamic Speaker... and...

(oooooo this is the best...)

Jerry Brown will be running for governor again. He was in office prior to the two-term limit. Jerry doesn't take crap from anyone. I'm seriously thinking of running on a secession platform and not allowing Pelosi back in the state.