Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John McCain: You Can Win! Here's How....

I don't think John McCain is reading my blog. And I rather suspect his advisers are too busy, too. But, if you are out there John, you can still win (easily).

How? Simply return to the full and open press availability that was the hallmark of your earlier campaigns. Your advisers (or should we call them "handlers") are giving you really bad, bad advice. Sarah Palin knows it. And, in your heart, you know it too.

You'll never close the 3% to 4% gap in the polls following your current plan. It's not possible. Barack Obama is out spending you in paid advertising 20 to 1. His 603 million dollars dwarfs your 87 million dollars.

O.K., accepting public financing was a huge mistake. But you can't fix that one now.

Barack Obama is completely hiding from the press. He hasn't had a press conference in ages and refuses more than two to three (carefully controlled) questions, and only on some days. And Obama has a lot of reasons to hide. More importantly, the press is finally starting to return to real journalism. They've been shamed into it.

And Joe Biden.... well, Biden is a disaster.

Sarah Palin is now the only available candidate and it's working. But you are the pro! You cannot match Obama's spending. But you can absolutely dominate every news cycle. Trust your instincts and return to the open, honest, available, candid, funny, controversial, folksy, trustworthy candidate that got you here in the first place.

John McCain, you can win. Talk to the press every hour of every day. And encourage Sarah Palin to continue to do the same thing.


Merge Divide said...

"O.K., accepting public financing was a huge mistake. But you can't fix that one now."

So was waging a war on the press when the McCain/Palin camp thought they were dealing from a position of strength. If the media wouldn't have fawned over a mediocre Palin speech at the GOP convention, there would have been no motivation to hide her for a week-and-a-half afterwards. Too little, too late to change your press strategy.

Bob Keller said...

As it turns out the strange and extremly ill advised "let's hide Sarah Palin from the press" strategy was the low point of the entire McCain campaign. What a stunning mistake.

McCain had professional idiots giving him really bad advice. It happens as campaigns get bigger and more "seasoned professionals" are added to the staff.

It happened to McCain early in the primaries and, fortunately for him, he ran out of money and had to fire them all. That simple move, born of necessity, saved his campaign.

He needs to fire a bunch of them now, too.

merge divide, thanks so much for contributing.

Vigilante said...

Wizard, do me a fav & help me out? I have been looking for a place inb recent campaign history where you said you were a 'True-Believer' in Barack Obama. I swear to God you wrote that, either in your blog or in mine. I did a global search and I haven't been able to pull it up. Did you scrub it? Or, did I imagine it?

Stella by Starlight said...

No, Vig. You didn't. Wizard, say it ain't so. I can't abide the botox twins sharing the White House.

Bob Keller said...

Vigilante, I'm sure I did write that. I did endorse Barack Obama during the Primaries for the DEMOCRAT Nomination. I endorsed McCain for the Republican Nomination.

Since the primaries I have carefully studied each team. I have several reasons I am supporting McCain including, but not limited to, his approach to Iraq and Afghanistan and his approach to taxes and the economy.

But I also have a few really big issues with Obama. I do not like the way he has attempted to stiffle free speech and destroy all dissent. And I do not like the fact he basically has stolen the election through gross violations of campaign finance laws. I don't know where the money is coming from, and I know Obama is being kept a safe, plausable deniability, distance from the violations, but what is happening here should automatically eliminate Obama from any serious consideration for the highest office in the land.

When this finally comes out (and it eventually will), we will have a major constitutional crisis on our hands.

The worst part is that it was totally unnecessary. Obama would have easily skated to victory if he hadn't engaged in such tactics.