Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New Title and Statement of Principles

I've made a very small change in the title of this blog and the principles that guide my writings here.

The old subheading at the top of this page "An Explorer in Cyberspace" is long outdated. If you go back in the essays to their beginnings you will find 99% of the entries were about the marvels of Internet. Many essays were designed as guides to the use of the many tools available on line.

The Internet has changed and grown. It's still a little bit of the wild west, but it is so much more. For many of us it is our principle source of news and information. It is also an important part of our social lives.

Today most essays I write are about politics and world events. And most essays reflect my long held liberal and religious values as a Unitarian Universalist. I believe in equality of all men and women. I believe in individual freedom and cherish the extremely rare freedom of speech. I believe we need to help and protect one another, especially the weakest among us. And we should always help secure for others the rights we so cherish.

This blog is an extension of my life, it is not my entire life. I've changed the blog title and heading to more clearly reflect what I am doing here and now.


Stella by Starlight said...

"...faith in reason, inspiration in nature, and hope in progress."


Vigilante said...

I don't think I can embrace your statement of principles, Wizard. They're okay for you, but as stated, I'll take a pass on them. I'll gor for

"...faith in reason, inspiration in nature, and hope in progress."


Bob Keller said...

I can understand your reluctance, vigilante and I also certainly embrace the new Unitarian statement of beliefs, "faith in reason, inspiration in nature, and hope in progress."

What I have done is a work in progress and I hope to rewrite it soon in a shorter and more manageable fashion. And one cannot possibly state everything they believe or stand for in a couple of sentences anyway.

And I know that you vigilante, more quickly than most, can read between the lines of what I have written. I am putting principle well above partisanship and politics, especially political parties.

Anonymous said...