Friday, October 31, 2008


As I surfed around the blogosphere today I detected two distinct feelings that dominate the conservative and Republican blogs, panic and paranoia. The first is certainly understandable. Most tracking polls and virtually all reasonable pundits see an Obama victory as an absolute certainty. McCain supporters are panicking. They are looking for any tiny ray of sunlight as they head into the long dark night of defeat.

As a side note, I often must simply laugh out loud at the reporting over on the Fox News Channel. Over on Fox the polls are tightening and McCain is on the verge of victory. If you live exclusively inside the Fox News bubble, they will convince you McCain is winning. Just don't change that channel.

In the real world we are also witnessing a creeping paranoia among the folks on the right and a few on the left over the possibility of Barack Obama being elected Emperor and Chief, king god guru and messiah for life.

Even Obama has admitted he has a rather large ego. And Obama is acting is a rather partisan and vengeful in these last few days. Just ask Joe the Plumber who has felt the stinging abuse of governmental power or the reporters from The Dallas Morning News, The New York Post and The Washington Times suddenly left off the campaign planes.

But is there any validity in the paranoia? Let me direct you to Rick Moran's long and highly detailed column today,

Moran is hardly a reliable conservative. He is a strong opponent of George Bush and the War in Iraq. He often frustrates his fellow conservatives with long, rambling leftist essays. For a while many wondered if he would even support John McCain. But today Moran launched a withering attack on Barack Obama and left virtually no stone un-thrown. Here is an example. You need to read the entire column.

As clearly as many conservatives saw the way that the welfare state was designed would lead to eventual catastrophe, I will base the following on my life experience and more than 40 years observation of politics and government; a Barack Obama presidency will result in a radical diminution of American wealth, American power and prestige, and inevitably, a loss of liberty.

Barack Obama is not qualified to be president of the United States. He has little interest in the nuts and bolts of how government works (yes, one can say the same of George Bush and look at us now). Unlike a Clinton or Bush #41 who enjoyed fiddling with the levers of government, enjoining the bureaucracy and Congress to bend to their wills, Obama literally doesn’t have a clue. He will be eaten alive by the striped pants set in the State Department. He will be gobbled up whole by the poverty lobby. And since he has little or no ideology or principles, he will sway with the political winds tacking hard left and then hard right until he angers everybody.

I strongly believe we can, should and even must elect John McCain president. This country needs McCain's strong leadership and logical approach to the problems we face. Barack Obama would (or will) be a complete disaster for the economy. We need McCain's simpler and more logical tax plan and we don't need Obama to expand the welfare state.

But..... should we really fear an Obama Presidency? I'll admit to a little paranoia myself. There is a grain of truth in Moran's rantings. Mostly I fear Barack Obama's ego. I fear he really does feel mightily superior to all us little people. I believe if the people of Ohio, Michigan and middle America knew Obama's real opinions of them, he couldn't be elected dog catcher.

Are a lot of people beginning to fear another Imperial President? Will Obama abuse his power to attack his opponents? Why hasn't he roundly condemned the horrific attack on Joe the Plumber?

Will Obama actually stifle the speech of his opponents? His team has attempted to do it in the campaign. And now Obama is removing reporters from newspapers who endorsed McCain from his campaign airplane.

Still, Is the loss of liberty Rick Moran writes about above a possibility? Is Obama that frightening? That concern is really showing up today among bloggers on the right.


Stella by Starlight said...

I strongly believe we can, should and even must elect John McCain president. Wizard, dear. This is satire, right?

Vigilante said...

Stella, if and when Obama wins the presidency, you and I split company, and I join Wizard in the loyal opposition. Barack Obama is far too conservative for me.

Unknown said...

Now THAT (Vig's comment) is satire...

Bob Keller said...

No Stella That is not satire.

And no lee, I don't think Vigilante is joking either.......

Vigilante is a true Progressive. I am a mere principled Liberal. There is a huge difference.

Stella.... you and I won't be parting comapny. We are very, very closely allied on almost all issues. But I am backing the generally liberal Republican and not the untried and untested Democrat who has, I'm afraid, some rather fatal flaws.

Vigilante said...

Nice shot, Lee!

Wizard, try to find the clip or transcripts to Charlie Rose's Interview with David Brooks last night. (I did not find it available when I looked for it earlier). Whichever one of us finds it first should post it for the purpose of conversation. I trust Brooks less than I do present company (LOL), but he's very revealing and disclosing. Worth discussing.