Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bill Absolutely No One Likes

I've poured over the blogs this past weekend, reading literally hundreds of posts. And I watched every Network News show on Sunday from Meet the Press to Fox News Sunday. And I've searched and read analysis and editorials from dozens of newspapers.

And I've been nearly continuously on Twitter and followed the arguments from some of Twitter's finest 140 character pundits.

After all this reading of all the passionate posts I've made a startling discovery. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE LIKES THE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE RESTRUCTURING BILL EMERGING FROM CONGRESS THIS WEEK.

Really, NO ONE. Its Democrat supporters least of all.

You can read dozens of well written, well researched, well documented articles about just how really terrible this bill has become. The damage this bill will do to Health Care and to our economy is well documented. Opponents, both conservatives and Wall Street analysts, can give you extremely specific arguments detailing the problems with this bill. No generalities, no hyperbole. Just the facts.

You can also read political posts from Republican leaders and famous pundits giving passionate, but rather generalized arguments against the bill. From "Death Panels" to Medicare's demise, the hyperbole never ends. These folks are possessed.

I swear I've read a hundred posts titled something like "Ten Reasons to Defeat Health Care Reform'."

But you know what you can't find? Not one single similar post titled "Ten Reasons To Pass Health Care Reform."

Instead all the so-called supporters are really just apologists. They wax poetic about what might have been or what should have been or what, someday, might emerge from the fatally flawed bill that may or may not pass.

And the Democrats virtually NEVER MENTION A SINGLE FEATURE OF THE BILL! Their arguments generally revolve around just how mean spirited and evil the Republicans are. The number one argument on the blogs and on Twitter is "Republicans just want Grandma to Die!!!"

This debate alone quickly illustrates just how very bad this bill has become.

The question is will a single Democrat in Congress have the courage to stand up and tell President Obama, "Sir, this bill is bad for America."


Unknown said...

Grass roots movement for transparency

Curiously, your right there is no reason to pass this bill, other then to "Pass this bill" for Passing this bill sake.

I am reminded of the saying: The bureaucracy is growing to meet the needs of the bureaucracy.

or... could it be that we the people are just too stupid to realize this is for our own good?

Unknown said...

I think you are bit inaccurate about the Democrat responses to the bill. It's the House Reps that are against it so sternly, along with most of us liberals. :-) But I do agree that no one really likes this bill. Returning to the House version is the preferred rendition...

Kentucky Rain said...

The bill will pass. It is not the best bill, nor is it the worst bill. There is time to make it better. As long as the camel's nose is under the tent he has a chance to be inside the tent.

shoo said...

Wiz: courage? From a politician? What on earth are you smoking? :P

What do you mean debate? The only real debate going on amongst Congress and the President is how to get it passed and still remain a majority in 2010.

MM: great analogy! Though I am not really sure why you want a camel in your tent...I prefer to keep the camels out of mine.

Kentucky Rain said...

LOL LOL Shoo! Good point but it depends on the tent:-)